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China 2019: Basic Tips For Traveling There

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April 20, 2017 (ChinaWatches) — An overwhelming number of Chinese citizens have accumulated enough wealth to make them need to travel to other countries — both financial and cultural. This is due to their large savings accounts accumulated through labor. It’s also a great opportunity for China to make good things happen when it comes to foreign tourism. This is because people are becoming a more patient and open to changes. Thus, we suggest practical financial tips for traveling to China in 2019 that will not only help you get better travel terms, but also can also build your relations with locals and diversify your travel experience.

Different flavors of Chinese travel tours

Most international tour operators offer Chinese tour packages to Europe and America that target the high-income, successful people. On the other hand, tour companies in China offer opportunities for people with low or no income. However, you should keep in mind that economic standards in China differ greatly from one region to another. Thus, it is important to choose the right tour operators based on specific geographic regions and dialects.

For instance, travelers of Lower Yangtze in Southwest China can travel on the Jinhe River Cam by water cruise, which is at least a 20-day trip. Another option is Yunnan’s Xiangshan Waterfall Tour which lasts about 30 days. Hebei (also known as Hebei province), also has its own special type of water tour that is called a river city tour. A highlight of this tour is the Baoding Liji Temple. Because of its difficulty, this is a high-priced tour that lasts about 30 days.

For those who cannot afford this high cost, a seven-day tour in Beijing and Hebei is also a good option. It will definitely help you to reach places you can’t reach using your own private cars or train, but you will have to economize and save quite a bit of money.

But it is important to realize that travelers who don’t have much money usually do not need to travel. Nonetheless, with a little additional effort, you can learn how to travel safely and comfortably. To decrease the chances of accidents and make sure you arrive safely at your destination, there are five detailed tips that can help you become a more informed, peaceful, and confident traveler.

Be connected and prepared

1. Have your ID card with you while traveling. It is important to have identification in case you get lost, especially in rural areas. Most Chinese people are very very chatty and open to helping one another. If you are alone, a caring, long-haired, respectful stranger could be a huge help. You should not be afraid of strangers, just be polite and concerned about your safety.

2. Go with an experienced traveler. Be with someone who can speak the language and knows a lot about your destination. At the same time, be nice to everyone and not forget that the locals will be more enthusiastic to help you in a time of need.

3. Avoid going off the beaten path and avoid driving in your car because it is very dangerous. A foreigner’s car might get hacked and your money could get stolen, which is why you should carry and not push your luggage.

4. Examine the local weather conditions, season, and present food culture carefully. After going through Google’s map of Beijing, you will notice that winter temperatures in China’s capital start to cool down towards the beginning of November. Therefore, it is advisable to save your money and go to Chinese cities in March or April.

5. Check with the local authorities before you travel. Do not just take the answer at face value and believe everything the guide says. Ask for his name and city and arrange personal information such as a photo before you leave.

Taxes and other fees you should pay

Some countries ask for travelers’ contributions at different time frames. They often charge a fee to return baggage, visa, birth certificates, and permit requirements to enter. Then there are various other fees that are not mentioned by the official. Since China has been operating a unified air ticket tax policy for a long time, we suggest asking about these fees at least a few days before you go.

Once you confirm those fees before you go, you can plan your trips and reduce your expenses. Otherwise, your flight will cost you more than you deserve.

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