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Learn How NOT to Do Anything in China

Happy holidays! We’re not just talking about everyone partying like it’s Christmas here, as so many media outlets are blaring headlines and boasting of the “Best Christmas Shopping Streets in China.” Thanks to our Xinhuanet colleagues for the special holiday gift: The top nine things NOT to do in China.

These are not the things you’ll find on any travel itinerary you’ll find anytime soon. Of course, the intentions behind them are pretty much self-explanatory:

– Don’t travel with kids because they might melt down in an Uber car.

– Don’t wonder if building something monumentally large might do something to the social compact in China.

– And don’t even think about trying the food at any of these picnic spots.

However, you might find the truth more disturbing, as the trendsetters of China were slapped down and told: “Can’t do.” Then, in the most unofficial way, they got some attention they needed. The next day, the cultural influencers started deleting the nine items from their own social networks. And suddenly, a movement of dissent had started.

In the end, the best thing you can do for the First and Second Placemates of China (Happy New Year!) is always be safe. But also, please enjoy China.

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