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Enjoy the journey to China in 2020

By Jude Toyat


To mark the upcoming 20th anniversary of state construction, China is planning to host the Beijing 2022 Summer Olympics.

According to information from the Chinese government, according to the official website of the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the athletes, coaches, volunteers, support staff, and spectators to the Games will be welcomed with “delightful hospitality, a picturesque destination, and magnificent scenery.”

Among the major venues for the Games will be the main stadium at the National Stadium of the Beijing Beijing Sports Culture and New Art City at East Nanjing 101, Aquatics Centre ‘Lisbon’ at Railway Sports Center at South Nanjing, 10 venues in Beijing South Town in Beijing South Huaihai Avenue at Tonglin Street, five venues in Beijing North Town of Dongbanese Village and Far Mountain Village at Luoqiao Train Station, and two venues for Basketball Arena Beijing North Town and Basketball Arena Ningbo South Town.

Though the construction of all the venues in China is underway, access to the venues in China will be granted only after March 2019.

Despite the construction, most of the venues will be ready for the games which are scheduled to be held on September 17, 2022 through to October 6, 2022. The Games are open to participating countries and international organisations.

For those intending to attend the 20th anniversary of the Republic of China in 2020, Discover China Malaysia (DCM) and Malaysian pavilion at the 47th International Expo Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong from October 31 to November 8, 2020 will have three ‘straight’ travel tips to help them choose the right Malaysian Airline, Homebase store and Chinese Shop.

The five reasons to visit China in 2020 include an event to watch the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the soon-to-open new Changsha financial zone, a top attraction at Zhoushan Railway Hospitality Travel District, Taihu Lake Lake Provincial Park, and a Chinese Village at Hong Kong.

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