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Neighborhood-class house on a large tract of land; Was this a plane crash?

Written by Michelle Mosconi, Beaverbrook, ON

5:00 am: Technicians are inspecting drones that may be used to inspect the new Beijing Airport.

4:30 am: After a long nap, Jack, who has worked all night on the project, is awoken by a colleague who explains that the drone program is up and running.

8:00 am: A joint operation team has installed a small drone, which can operate indoors. A video monitor shows an empty room with a wall of brick, seemingly very quiet.

8:40 am: A small group of workers has access to a WiFi signal, taking photos, playing music and talking together.

9:30 am: A small drone takes off from a bucket placed on the fence.

10:00 am: Air traffic controllers confirm that all flights should continue to land at the new airport.

11:00 am: A motorcycle taxis with a stepstool on the seat arrives.

12:30 pm: Airport workers carry out inspection on the stepstool.

1:15 pm: A truck passes by picking up parts of a stepstool.

2:00 pm: A car parks itself behind a motorcycle.

2:45 pm: A special video screen shows an update on flights.

3:00 pm: A helicopter is seen flying through the bright sky.

3:30 pm: A car makes a short ride.

4:00 pm: Two groups of laborers enter an apartment that is on the only floor visible.

4:20 pm: Electronics are hung from the ceiling.

4:30 pm: Men carry out laying of brick.

4:50 pm: A bus is seen driving through the town.

5:30 pm: A private plane arrives.

6:00 pm: A men’s clothing store is seen in the plaza.

6:10 pm: A man’s clothing store is seen in the plaza.

6:20 pm: Woman’s shoe store is seen in the plaza.

6:40 pm: A car park is seen.

6:55 pm: Hair salon is seen in the plaza.

7:00 pm: A woman’s clothing store is seen in the plaza.

7:30 pm: A film crew arrives to film the first flight.

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