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10 Exciting Experiences in China for New Year

Foreign tourists to China – it is said that the sea is open to everybody, everywhere. It’s said also that the visitor can even touch the Hangzhou Fire Tower, and its famed 822-meter-high tower with red-and-blue lighting.

During the New Year holidays, during several months of February-May, it is speculated the landmarks that we see all over the world can be visited in China.

Below, we list 10 experiences in China that will be in all the world’s books at the New Year.

1) Chun Qi Temple, Shangri-La Tianfu: Being as the modern era is saying a giant transformation was happening all around the globe, a big and modern attraction became the Palace of the Dragon. “Cooldown” came in the end, and the great “ancient Qin dynasty” was rekindled. To ensure that great memories are rekindled, the Grand Hotel Shangri-La Tianfu, a 5-star, award-winning hotel in Chaoyang District of Hangzhou city has opened the Chun Qi Temple.

2) Dinosaur University, Beijing: You can reach a place where 40 different species of dinosaurs have been discovered: Dinosaur University

3) World Tour, Hangzhou: This tourist attraction, where over 45,000 tour guides are trained by global consulting company, Partners Travel, is dedicated to providing the latest in travel services. Through life-long learning, tour guides will learn the newest in travel & tourism technology.

4) Hizong International Plaza with Oriental Art Institute, Hangzhou: Located at the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Hizong International Plaza, Oriental Art Institute of Hangzhou has the highest up-to-date art schools in the country.

5) Hongkou Letidiania Center, Hangzhou: The beautifully designed Hongkou Letidiania Center has three levels with five-star eateries. It also has a “China First Hotel” within the complex with best accommodations in the city.

6) Media Tourism Center, Beijing: with this media center, it is estimated that a lot of the tourists will come to media tourist area to view motion photos, films, Chinese dramas, and plays on screen. It is the first-of-its-kind of this kind in the world.

7) The Great Wall, Gansu: It is a longer than the Great Wall of Great Britain. Great Wall of China has the highest height of 1842 meters. The Gansu Great Wall is built to 500 meters high, occupying 11,600 acres of land.

8) China-France Open Air Museum, Beijing: Stunning, beautiful, beautiful. It is the first-of-its-kind in China, serving as an extension of the biggest field in China, the “Dragon’s Gate,” where it is offering the most varied and comprehensive overview of Chinese culture and artifacts’ external links to the rest of the world.

9) Waterloo Bridge, Hangzhou: Located near Grand Hotel Hangzhou, this attraction supports over 30 meters of bridge.

10) Beijing Silk River, Hangzhou: This project that was first developed in 2009, this attraction was expected to go the world’s best tourism destination in two years or so.

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