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Singapore Offers Comfort to the Guests for a Pro-Active Holiday Season

Whether you are on a work trip or an expensive vacation, Singapore comes in handy for the holiday season. The world’s oldest Christian city-state can keep many a horticulturalist occupied for four weeks. Although Singapore provides a very satisfactory travel package, it does come with its share of budget-friendly options.

Best Infrastructure

Singapore comes as close to a two-way rail link as we can get today. If you are carrying around a huge amount of luggage and simply need to keep moving for a while, Singapore is your perfect stopover. Tickets and fare cards are accepted on both public and private trains and trains are cheaper than the rest of the world. Making an overnight journey costs approximately USD $60 and it takes about 7-8 hours to reach the midway point. When on the road, bring along a refillable bottle to fill your car’s water dispenser for a 5 dollar fee. One does not need a licence to get a car on the road in Singapore, but when you are parked your car for an extended period of time, you will have to pay a daily fee of $14.

Exciting Theater and the Arts

Singapore has a lot to offer the art enthusiasts. One may visit galleries of the National Arts Council and enjoy their exhibitions during the festival period. As an added bonus, some of the famous galleries located in major cities will provide you with discounts on your art work, prints, or artwork during the festival period. You can even book a spectacular visit to the famed artwork districts known as The Orchard or The Financial Central – Fort Canning. The cinemas located in those areas offer discounts and special packages, and the experience will be every bit worth the expense. See

Fees and Taxes

During the tourist season, Singapore taxes and charges for goods and services to the tune of approximately USD 20.50. Access to the National Heritage Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Transport and Aviation will set you back approximately $5.90. All you need to do to welcome a sealed gift worth USD $3.00 is to be at the ‘Door of Admission’.


Faced with a limited selection of accommodation options, hotels in Singapore offers a wide range of options to accommodate every need. You may choose to enjoy some of the beaches, or stay in hotels located in the more populated areas. A festive escape to one of the most popular islands, the Orchard Road, may be the best strategy here.

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