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4 Must-visit destinations in China in June 2019

Want to have a summer vacation of a lifetime? The magic of Chinese travel makes it simple to choose a destination and take the right trip to China. There are plenty of great summer destinations in China that are full of exciting sights, great culture, and scenic natural features. And travel experiences can be customized to suit travelers’ interests and preferences.

The Mandarin Chinese language is the foundation of all Chinese language travel experiences. From travel guidebooks to travel apps to exhibitions, even China’s own museums and monuments, these resources can help travelers stay within budget and in style. Even without a Mandarin passport, it’s simple to take pictures in China. You just need a mobile phone or an app that supports Chinese character recording and translation.

4 Must-visit destinations in China in June 2019

China is a country with tons of amazing attractions, and there are lots of local intangibles and activities that make visiting one of the great destinations for tourists. Here are 4 destinations to visit in June 2019:

1. Beijing-Jinan Railway Station in Beijing

Located in Beijing, this train station is a main attraction for sightseers. It is well known for its scenic environment, and is definitely worth exploring. Once you’ve made your way through the station, take a look at its architectural history. The “What Were They Thinking?” exhibition is currently running to teach you about certain historic elements of Beijing. After you’ve visited it, take a stroll through the Chinese National Museum. Located in Beijing, it is the most important historical Chinese museum in the world and with over 100,000 artifacts, it is worth visiting. For a final opportunity to explore Beijing’s history, take a two-hour China Soaring Aerial Tour with SkyPeacepaer to make the most of the helicopter views.

2. Dunhuang

Dunhuang is home to four legendary Chinese legends. This ancient city is visited by millions of tourists each year, including those who just want to observe the huge cattle market and watch the majestic feudal architecture. For those looking for something more, Dunhuang is the perfect place to visit during summer season. Check out the Dunhuang Temple, a local shrines, or the public square to see picturesque scenes and enjoy the scenic sites. The art of Chinese calligraphy is one of the most popular ways to learn Chinese. No matter how you learn, visit the Dunhuang Traditional Calligraphy Museum to see traditional calligraphy from ancient, as well as from various contemporary art studios.

3. Yunnan Province

Yunnan is considered as one of the largest green lands in the world, making it a desirable place to visit. The resort spots there range from small volcanoes to incredible natural beauty. In addition to the beauty, the language and cuisine are also very unique. The only yellow lake in Central Asia, Shijiazhuang Lake is one of the warmest spots in the country and is definitely worth seeing. Or for a bird’s eye view of Yunnan’s landscapes, visit Mount Phoenix and experience the breathtaking views.

4. Xianhui River

If you are inspired by the national park in Yunnan, you can also experience the river and adventure tourism in Yunnan’s other lands. Xianhui River’s variety of water fun offers exhilarating scenery and allows you to experience the great history of Xianhui. Visit the water park which offers various waterslides and rides. Look for tents from ancient times and marvel at the picturesque scenery during summer.

China has a lot of famous attractions, including these five:

Many visitors don’t know that there are billions of lovely charms waiting in China. The best part about China is that most of the attractions are world famous. To learn more about these places, visit the Chinese website or download the app at your favorite app store. Take advantage of China’s convenient visa requirements and learn the beautiful stories of Chinese culture and visit them as a tourist.

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