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The Great Wall of China is Terrifying, but the Forbidden City is Awesome

A geometrically beautiful complex the world has never seen, the Forbidden City in Beijing will cost $900 dollars to enter.

Written in Ancient Chinese, the Great Wall of China is China’s most imposing and intriguing feat of engineering, life and perseverance. At 1,000 miles in length, it is a staggering achievement of engineering and labor labor. U.S. T.V, on the other hand, presented the Great Wall as a monolith, rugged and immutable. The Wall was open to artistically huddled masses. Through monument, this monument celebrates the individual.

Founded in 220 BC, the State of Beijing, the Beijing, the Forbidden City is an ancient wonderland of 4,000 buildings dating back from the ancient days of China.

Since the inception of Emperor Ming, the Palace was the focal point of imperial life. Enclosed by walls and pavilions, the walls quickly became surrounding nature for the most prosperous areas of the Empire, with the Empire dominated by Tang and Song dynasties.

Shanghai Story

The Forbidden City, the largest palace in the world, is situated in central Beijing. The northern “city” has seven square miles of man-made buildings including 15,000 odd people whose lives revolve around their obligations to the Emperor in China’s earliest days. This palace complex is where wealth is won and lost, kingdoms are conquered, countries are fought over and political dynasties that would later influence the world.

Experience the Lost City of Xanadu, Picture by Nathan J. Paluck

Needless to say, these fortunate subjects were sheltered from more perilous environments where they could be slaughtered at the first sign of rebellion. This palace was built for over a thousand years and is, as the ancient Chinese put it, the epitome of perfection.

One may hear the millions of Chinese still booming about the things they have achieved, successes that are akin to earthly giants. It may take a little extra effort, but a visit to the Forbidden City is simply impossible to avoid, it’s too authentic, too grand.

After a two hour guided tour, visitors can then grab a small free lunch; a delicious meal of pork hock, rice and bean curd dishes can easily be had for a $7 price tag.

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