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BEIJING, CHINA – DECEMBER 05: A soldier holds a broom in front of a heavy, black tunnel in Pingyao, a historic city in Hebei Province, central China’s Gansu Province on December 5, 2013. To mark the first centuries’ anniversary of the Pingyao Fortress, a set of gateway compartments will be opened in the days to come. Photo by Li JinCheng/AFP/Getty Images


Green Business Journal, the national publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), is giving readers the inside scoop on the best eco-friendly real estate. Don’t miss out on these exciting and easy homes. The benefits include: less energy usage, reduced use of municipal water, reduced energy bills, and cleaner air and water. See the full list at….


The Honduras indigenous Lorian community is about to relocatete with the local Honduran community. The traditional way of life of the Lorian Indians will transfer to the new location on the outskirts of their ancestral town. Sign the petition on and go make friends with your fellow Hondurans who are more indigenous than you are!


China is helping bring the first luxury yachting colony to Cotai, where the Chinese developer plans to bring together the island’s most exclusive resort destination and luxury marina for the mega-wealthy. It’s important to note, however, that the project is not just about yachts, it’s about ports like Anantara’s Canggu, which is a vibrant urban resort in the heart of the city and a key tourism destination in Hong Kong and Macau.


You don’t have to be a car buff to enjoy looking at the amazing art and architecture in the movie set-like yet authentic city of Xiamen, and now there’s a way to see it. Xiamen Motorry Home with Xiamen Soaphire Tour is a five-night, all-inclusive trip to Xiamen, China, with a two-bedroom Xiamen Motorhome in the middle of a seaside park. The trip in a wagons comes with the hire of a motorboat that allows for access to all the city’s unique neighborhoods and art culture. The hotel in the city is like a dream. It has many different restaurants and recreational activities for guests.


In 2006, American readers of Travel and Leisure voted Rainforest Lodge and Spa as one of the most romantic locations in the world. Now, visitors to the site can now get away from it all just by setting up a home in a traditional Dutch-style site called a “poeledsel,” where guests can take in the natural and vibrant atmosphere on a retreat in Jamaica called Raschile. The “coe je” structures are easy on the eye and provide good privacy and running water.


Gamble Garden Tours, founded in Australia in 1959, is now reaching out to the Caribbean, offering guests “experiential travel.” It is installing 52 small houses in the famous Gambler’s Paradise, where you can visit the dozens of unique mini resorts.


At the premiere of Roxanne Yawner’s book, The Escape Artist’s Handbook, her life and work are detailed on the website of the Charles C. Walnut Gallery, which specializes in photography and Asian art. The gallery-wide exhibition at the gallery showcases the collection of works by Roxanne Yawner. Visitors can also download the accompanying book.

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