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Travel with Kids? Do it Like a Chinese Family Holiday

The beauty of moving overseas is experiencing a new culture, cuisine, landscape, and ways of life. Our two kids are now 9 and 5 and they love traveling with us. They love sharing their experiences with our family and now we are sharing theirs with you. Let’s take a minute to think about how your family can enjoy an enjoyable with-kids holiday travel experience.

But what to bring? What to avoid?

How to Plan an With-Kids Travel Plan

1. Bring only necessary items such as the bare essentials (socks, underwear, and toiletries), a towel or pack rug, bottled water for cooking, sunblock for their bodies and faces, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen, as they will need to cleanse and wipe themselves after any activities they participate in.

2. Take photos (use an app such as Zoom or camera gizmo) and share them with you beforehand. The photos can be used as travel games with your kids. Use these photos for grocery lists to avoid long trips.

3. Do not bring food or drinks that contain mercury and/or fluoride. A homemade formula from a local grocery store or at the zoo will work just fine.

4. Get your kids an airplane backpack (or a bag or handbag that will fit their soft adult clothing) or a backpack or luggage that will fit their age-appropriate clothing and toys.

5. Inquire before you travel for the cheapest airline and hotel cost. Also ask for the “on-time” rating and go with the offers that show fewer cancellations.

6. Take advantage of family discounts and coupon books to save money. However, don’t use the coupons unless you are willing to pay full price for the vacation. For instance, if you want to go out to eat, don’t get the free meal coupon and do not buy the meal without a reservation. Same applies with any dinner reservations.

When all else fails, enlist an experienced travel agent to help you save money and get the most out of your vacation. In China, traveling with your children is a much easier experience compared to other parts of the world. The advantages of traveling with kids is that they may eat out, but they don’t want to climb the walls, run off alone from your hotel room, or get into bed after they want a good sleep and regular meals.

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