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Three Tips on Getting off the Beaten Track in China

Chinese get off the metro train and head into the wilderness, it’s where they really live. Chinese travel in a different way. Luckily, there are some spectacular hiking destinations you and your family can take part in. Discover China shares three tips on how to get off the beaten path in China!

Back Country Explorers

Ganzi Hui

Ganzi Hui is a 10-day expedition across China’s southeastern hinterland—14 stunning peaks from 2700 meters to 8400 meters. The terraced plateau you will enter will stretch out for hundreds of kilometers, offering plentiful views of snow capped mountains. Based on the popular Fifty-Fifth Big Day route, this outing is more about endurance than speed, which makes it an extremely challenging hiking experience. Also, it’s quite difficult to secure special accomodation in these mountains. This will definitely put a hardship on your ability to plan adequately. More than likely you won’t get to go camping (along with some careful planning if you plan to go this route), so the accommodations are on different mountains.

Shanxi Grand Route

One of the most interesting hiking routes in China is the Shanxi Grand Route. Also, it’s a great activity for cyclists. This route crosses Luoyang and Xi’an. On the summer evening, you will finally cross the “Wheelbarrow” as a bicycle. These routes are relatively easy with a lot of the trails in good condition. The Panangzu Salt Shore Trail is one of the most beautiful trails in the area, it has cliffs and valleys as far as 8200 meters high. The Panangzu Salt Shore Trail is a perfect hiking route to get some altitude and way above you feel that you are walking on clouds. So, take a hike before you rock climb to reach the valley. The destination for this route is Panangzu Village where you can hike for about 5 km.

Gushi Black Lake

Featuring the largest snow-caped mountain in Hubei Province—Zaozhujiang Peak—Gushi Black Lake is a stunning rock city nestled in the middle of the Miao Mountains. This city is well known for its waters like rivers, lakes, and tranquil rivers. In fact, the waterfront is known to be the most scenic place in Hubei Province. For the climb, you have to follow a steep series of valleys as you descend the mountain, passing through beautiful valleys with historical landmarks.

Nanhe Rock City

The scale of Nantou Shan rock city is vast. It’s massive interior and spectacular upper terrain make it a hidden, but so charming, city. Trekkers can enter the Nantou Shan Rock City through its short paved road. After a visit, you will find statues with fantastical scenes in the streets, traditional houses, and China’s most unusual art works. They are almost as interesting as the city itself.

Telluride, Colorado

If you’re in search of one of the most intriguing hiking experiences to enjoy in the United States, Telluride, Colorado might be it. Located in the southwestern Colorado mountains, it is a rugged ski town at the foothills of Mt. Pelee. It’s a long hike in the red canyon on the final 7km stretch of the nine-km-long Midas Trail. The red clay terraces offer plenty of beauty and variety along the route. You can easily sample the scenery with a picnic or sit and relax at one of the saloons along the route.

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