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Chinese Spirituality This Month – Discover China

According to the English for Chinese theory of meditation, “Rest and relaxation” is the favored mode of meditation. Simultaneously, weight loss in the direction of reduced physical energy, increased emotional equilibrium and physical strength are further mentioned.

During a tour of Northern China, it is interesting to note the fading of tourism facilities a region has to offer, but the dominance of ancient cross-border spiritual dance rituals still provides a remarkable reflection of purity and true character of ancient culture.

As travelers, a constant search for meaning and substance in a world and by country that is fast passing them by, inevitably, the profound factors on the journey and in home selves are getting seriously explored. A cross-border meditation retreat is a portal to a new spirit. It stimulates our natural idyll and inspires a high level of passion, self-cultivation and self-direction.

With full participation of the spiritual practices, each session of the night dance/ folk dance is healing and meditative for the mind and body. This precise state of mind of the participants is naturally received by the facilitators and becomes a guiding and spiritual force for every participant through the dance and intermingling for a holistic experience.

According to the journal The Journal of The Asian Studies, “State support” for “through meditation techniques,” a reoccurring theme is highlighted. Making meditation a more methodical, rationalistic and proactive application, the enlightenment and the perception of things from a more pure and heaven-like perspective, is clearly identifiable in the results of successful meditation meditation training which involved everyday activities such as conducting a class in a gallery, leaving behind the usual economic aspects of life which, the participant/therapist will observe, is actually becoming quite negative and distracting.

A sincere discernment is made through a forum of self-kindness, transcendence and authentic values during this transformative journey. A more authentic “ambitious life,” reached through the deep-rooted power of devotion, generosity and sincerity for one’s (Sichuan) Lord has become visibly evident through the meditative practices.

According to the Wenfeng (ren) religion known in China, a relentless worship of one’s God being called shichetsu, is an important part of the people’s life. The spiritual wisdom can be called Sichuan Huo or Xiong Hui of Fei Xi Ji Bo.

Why meditation?

Diverse ways of relating and the cross-pollination of diverse religious traditions are really the meaning of today’s major psychological and spiritual fabric of China’s society. Cultural Xiong Hui ability to reflect on one’s internalizing in the context of spiritual unity is an essential means of maintaining harmony with the inside and outside world.

For the mental and spiritual frameworks to be developed to achieve harmony, they must be guided to discover the root of that harmony in one’s inner core which surely can be attained through thorough meditation practices. When examining the changes in the Chinese people, one finds a very multifaceted development in a mind that is ready to face any challenge.

Darryl Lowry, Director of The China Ghost Tour Experience is the author of The Chinese Journey To Happiness, The Chinese Journey To Work, The Chinese Journey To Travel, The Chinese Journey To Survival, The Chinese Journey To Wonder, The Chinese Journey To Liberty, The Chinese Journey To Yuge, The Chinese Journey To Greatness and The Yuge eBook. Find out more about Darryl on The China Ghost Tour Experience, visit their website, listen to them on iTunes, and read them on some of the most popular blogs on China today.

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