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Come to St. Thomas and Watch the Show


Unlike most cities in China, St. Thomas in the Caribbean was never established as a city in 1900, but the Christian Holy Land was already beginning to evolve as a religious center of learning, culture and adventure. Tradition itself, however, stood in sharp contrast to a society that at the time was largely in the dark regarding the Western world—and the United States in particular. Through the medium of art, Chinese culture was being presented in a new and innovative way.

The Crystal Palace Museum, opening in March 2019, looks to refresh St. Thomas as a cultural hub with the historical context of the place. This museum, like the Palace itself, was also dismantled and reconstructed—a massive feat of architecture. In the new Palace Museum, visitors will find two-dimensional displays of Chinese art. While there, visitors can also meet the locals (or experience that other “modern museum experience”) and explore digital life as an ancient civilization. The Crystal Palace Museum will guide visitors through the profound influences that St. Thomas has played upon China’s development—an incredible shift and an unprecedented opportunity in development that local businesses and staff look forward to opening up.


Following suit with other museums and attractions, the Beijing Gymnasium of China is completely air-conditioned, with modern lighting, sound and graphics, and a magnificent exhibit hall that every visitor will surely enjoy. Here, people from all walks of life can come and build as artistry comes together for the show. Through an interactive “Spectacle Map,” students have made the research and design for this exhibit, putting their talents to the test. In the hands of the artist, someone’s dream can become the truly glorious, joyful and fascinating art seen in this Chinese exhibit.


If the Daily is to have a happy ending, and bring about peace, justice and harmony in the world, then surely there is a way to transform so-called heroes into a way of life, something that the leader-turned-revolutionary Mao Zedong proclaimed when he conceived the concept of mass consciousness in his revolutionary speech on October 28, 1949.

In the same sense, a multitude of people throughout the world have made an attempt to provide a new way of life through poverty alleviation, education, and tourism. They should be admired and embraced, not shunned as the Chinese are so often compared to their counterparts. Not only did these exhibitions embody this idea, but they also embodied a new way of life, one that addressed the problems of not only poverty, but education and health issues, and an overall breakdown of the traditional relationship between generations, nations and even businesses. Hence, the answer may not be something brought out of a shop floor or a museum, but can be heard from your government, a school and the most humble people and children you will meet. This outreach, this connection is what seeks to turn this crucial piece of history into one that the world can come together to move the world forward—a light that could not be shined better than this.

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