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Spring and Summer has Arrived and Visit Berlin, Munich and Austria in the Beautiful Month of June

Glendale, CA – December 26, 2018 – Summer is the ideal time for a European vacation, as many travelers decide to visit across the continent before temperatures begin to decline. Seeing Paris, Vienna or Munich before the cold spell sets in is certainly a way to unwind from the months of unending travel. However, as the temperature skyrockets the backpacking crowds descend on these cities and this may not make your trip as memorable.

Germans love watching the many year-round soccer matches but during the summer months, the capital in Germany is in the national spotlight. In July and August, Berlin and Munich city centers are filled with fans who will not only enjoy the games but the events that happen right in the middle of the streets such as street bands, art installations and street performers.

“The past month has been the best so far this year. Between the opening of the new CNN Center and concerts we have seen the entire city come alive,” says Franz Meyer, the manager of Travel to CNN Center, a two-decade old tour guide.

In June, Munich welcomed the opening of the CNN Center, which is the first skyscraper to be built on the picturesque Spree River, making the city center a very popular destination. Drawing plenty of Europeans and Americans throughout the summer months, the entertainment is not limited to the city center. The Golden Hall hosts a lot of outdoor concerts, while the Munich Marathon can be the ultimate test of fitness as well as endurance. For those with an active holiday agenda, many other activities on offer include hiking, bike rides and even bird watching.

“The weather in the spring is good, but the summer months are usually so hot that many people stay in Munich for the rest of the year,” says Meyer.

Summer is definitely the best time to visit Munich but the heart of the city was not the only place this month to see the huge crowds swarm everywhere. Not too far away in Vienna, Austria, hundreds of thousands of people descended onto the city to witness Vienna’s Christmas market season.

About 12 million tourists come to Vienna every year, but at this time of year the capital is host to the world’s largest festival of lights featuring the displays of almost a million lights.

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