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Explore Your Future in China with DAD China Tour

Beijing, China, December 25, 2018 – Explore your future. Experience the wonders of China and get the best tour on the market. Now, we give you the complete content to choose your tour. Discover China is the go-to place for people interested in discovering China as a tourist destination. We are not only the experts for each of the types of tours you can experience, but you will also have the hands-on experience of Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Beijing.

Start with our China Tour guide Daniel Lin. When you call us for your tour guide, we will ask you to give some personal preferences. For example, you might tell us that you want to visit Hong Kong, that you want to visit Tainan and one or more cities in the Yangtze River Delta, or that you want to go to Beijing. Once you finish your answers, we will arrange for a highly qualified (local) guide to conduct the tour.

Your tours will give you new insights to China. You will learn about the most beautiful sites and discover historic, beautiful city, history and music. With the DAD tour guide Daniel Lin, you will experience each destination with unique local experiences.

We also know that prices will be a bit expensive. We only believe that you will discover the wealth and beauty of the Chinese culture. You won’t need to worry about costs as we have for the past 13 years, and we have helped you get these prices down. We can provide you with the best price by combining our travel services.

Our company developed the modern travel agency model in China to provide new flights and low-cost flights, individual tours of more than 100 days, and low-cost flights for specific travel requirements.

Our detailed itineraries can give you a long-term plan for the time you spend in China or can give you a suggested “travel behavior” pattern. For you, the best strategy for China Tours includes frequent short visits, and group tours with a defined theme, such as the National Day Celebrations in September in Shanghai, the Three Gorges Monument in Chongqing, the Science Centre in Beijing.

If you want short, dedicated, and focused itineraries, we are your company. You will book your China Tours with our experienced travel professionals in less than 5 minutes. When you buy your tour with our company, you know that we are professionals from the land of the rising sun.

Visit or call our official office at 650-589-4329 or toll free 800-571-4299 to learn more about our travel plans and to speak with a manager.

To get all the answers you need, call the Office of Daniel Lin at 650-589-4329 or 800-571-4299.

About Discover China:

Discover China is an industry-leading travel agency in China. The company is ranked No. 17 in the Beijing Large Issuer ranking and No. 2 in the Beijing Small Issuer ranking for 2 years in a row by Issuance Experience, one of the top China-based issuers listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. Since its launch in 2004, Discover China has built a nationwide base of over 200 domestic and international travel partners, 1,700 employees and over 2,200 clients. For more information, call 770-588-9380, or visit

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The “There and Then” Experience at The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

What better way to staycation in Hong Kong than at The Mandarin Oriental where you can compare and contrast things here at home and make your own discoveries about what’s happening here in East Asia. If you want to get a feel for how Hong Kong is similar to similar places, consider a drive to the frontier villages just north of the city, like Gigaza, which is literally up a rabbit hole behind the Sai Kung Expressway and where you find far more than you ever expected (including a place that resembles Jaunt Solo). You’ll find Chinatown is one of the major attractions in the south part of the city and we’re recommending a ride on Lamma, which has become an urban hill for every day-to-day, transit-preferring, an early morning route to get work done. But if you’re looking for a history lesson, you’ll find it in Bukit Timah, which holds such an interesting past that it has inspired Chinese people to settle on its side of the bay to stay “classy” until the winds shift again. Regardless of where you go, you’ll enjoy all of Hong Kong. Check out their Spring Hong Kong itinerary for inspiration.

The space is exquisite in the hotel which has been a landmark since the 1950s, when William Fox Talbot built the first one on the grounds of China Town, the location of his printing factory. The Mandarin has played host to a wide variety of celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tom Cruise. The Nightly Chef’s Table, which is limited to five seats, is a lovely way to spend the evening, watching the chefs prepare an assortment of amazing dishes that are well thought out and well made. The downstairs, Comfort Suite is the place for a star’s nightly suite, so treat yourself to this beautiful restaurant located at the top of the hotel.

The rooftop pool is very quiet and understated, perfect for you to stay in that meditative mood which is perfect for reconnecting with yourself and the universe. The thermostat is also the perfect temperature for you to relax and feel refreshed.

We recommend trying the California Cracker Pizza, which is a sweet and crispy concoction. For a more substantial lunch on the salad loving side, they offer the Mr. Dearest dish, which is like the king of Chinese sandwiches – a savory feast for the eyes. Their Blues, Boogie and Bop burgers make for a great, very filling meal. You will want to try the Willow Juice juice, it’s like taking the sweet of a woodsy “wildebeest juice” on a Korean trip and making it taste just like the fruit, which is now available at all Mandarin’s restaurants. You can find it in some of the classic chicken wings flavors, or make it an entire meal by adding tofu to your meal.

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Enjoy the Amazing Wonders of the Great Wall of China

Exploring Great China

China is a stunning country with stunning landscapes and breath-taking history, so why not embark on a completely unique vacation? Discover the Great Wall, or Han River, or some other piece of the country that you’ve been wanting to explore. Explore Shangri-La, or Zhanjiang. Or somewhere you’ve never been before, discover China in all of its glory. An immersive and beautiful trip is always a success with all of your senses heightened and refined.

Flowers are always blooming in Chinese gardens. Take some time to look at the shrubs and trees while perusing the beautiful flowers. The sun glints off of the stone walls and the sky looks like it’s as bright as the day it formed.

The scenery is sure to inspire when navigating the streets of Hangzhou. Take a stroll through the beautiful, winding streets. Usually accessible only by foot, most people walk around on foot and consider visiting all of the shops as one goes along the street.

Explore the Great Wall

A great way to explore China is to head out to the Great Wall and see the landscape while looking at the history behind it. The wall was built for protection from Genghis Khan, a fierce Mongol leader, who was known to use his favorite weapon to attack those who he didn’t like.

In China, there are two sections of the Great Wall. The first section is in the middle of the country and the second section was built in the north and south. There are countless views of the wall as you explore and run the vast country.

Take a driving tour in Mongobo Village, the original gatepost, in northern China’s Songjiang county. Situate as a victory gift, this town was once the capital of the Tang Dynasty. The village was built around a wooded area that was used to build the Great Wall. As you drive, you can see how the original foundation of the village was laid. As the road stops at the ancient wooden gate, you will realize how the original construction would have been.

From the road, you can drive to the towers and watch the two movements in the wall: Either an attack that was called a “wake” or a retreat caused by a rain of mud. Once the attack was over, the flood of mud knocked the builders down and the roof with reveal the younger age of the foundation building. On the march side, the stone of the wall was shorn, leaving the entire stone structure exposed to the elements. But once the rain subsided, the stone was used as a defense of a fortified position.

Check out the original stone of the foundation at the Mengan quarter of Old Leshan City.

Take a walk in the shrine of the Dark Wat with the highlight being the shrine with the statue of Yue, the bear that protects Xiangchenmen from vandals. The road to the shrine is as winding as the path is steep. The monks only allowed access to a few roads, and the road after them were only on foot. On the approach to the shrine, you can see how the bricks left on the work to make the shrine took hundreds of years to build. But on the journey, you can see the bricks fell and they never again added the labor on top.

Go car racing on the Great Wall. The journey of the car racing from one side of the Great Wall to the other is one of the most unique stories of art and cars. In this race, cars only reach 45 miles per hour, but it’s still a breathtaking ride, especially as the cars drive alongside the wall and watch it form. The walls itself are held up by a series of checkpoints where they gather moss. As each car gets closer to the wall, the moss falls and allows the cars to reach the halfway point. The glory is worth it, and you’ll see it.

Find out more about the Great Wall of China .

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Discover China – Beijing and New Zealand Style

New Zeland Style

Beijing has an interesting way of testing a person’s cosmopolitan knowledge. Being the capital of China there are always things to do in China. Beijing is home to numerous museums and cultural events that may be hard to locate online.

Beijing is home to the highest number of temples in China with 139 that still exist in all provinces and autonomous regions. In a city that grows daily with an approximately 7 million population, visitors can find every nook and cranny to experience the spirit of China in these museums.

One of the most unique museums that can be viewed in Beijing is the Great Wall exhibit at the ancient Beijing Museum. The Great Wall is the oldest in China and is easily found on many maps with 150 miles long. This exhibit is sponsored by the China Tourism Academy and is situated right in the center of Beijing.

Cultural Adventures

From the Great Wall to museums and art exhibits, Beijing is an amazing place to experience something new. Visitors can learn more about the culture through guided tours around the city. Beijing is home to many museums where visitors can sit in the hallowed halls and look at exhibits from around the world.

Beijing has many festivals throughout the year where visitors can come and relax and enjoy the sun on their water shoes. The capital plays host to several winter festivals, such as Holiday Festival, Day and Night Festival, Carnival Day Festival, National Day Festival, Spring Festival Festival, and the Lantern Festival.

General attractions in Beijing include:

Umbrellas are a very popular trend in China and tourists can locate their stand by searching for the “Umbrella Museum”.

Beijing is home to the Guanghua gate, which is one of the country’s most famous landmarks.

Beijing is best known for its Temple of Heaven, which is said to be among the most beautiful temples in the world. The Temple of Heaven has a famous tourist site that visitors can find by following the trail that leads from the gate to the gardens.

Beijing is home to the lantern festival of Olympic city when the “yellow moon rise” (hora kuaixi) takes place to mark a special period of festivals and special events. The lantern festival is characterized by the display of lanterns on the streets of the city. It starts around August 21, 2018 and ends September 10, 2018.

Of course, traditional Western cultural attractions like Madame Tussauds in Beijing provide plenty of fun for the tourist.

The best part about China is that foreigners can come and experience every corner of China. All it takes is researching and connecting the dots!

New Zealand Style

An alternative trip to discover something Chinese could be New Zealand. New Zealand is a country full of unknown experiences and amazing sights. Travellers can see the Southern Lights, complete with spectacular natural movement.

North Island has two of the most famous North Island Mountains. Mt Cook and Mt Ruapehu. The latter is so popular that it has a vast network of trails that hikers can explore in any direction.

White Mountains has a massive amount of unique rock formations that make for some of the best mountain climbing in the world. Even though the White Mountains have exceptional scenery, they also host a number of tourist sites in the region. One of the main tourist attractions are also Antarctica Walk, a 5 kilometer walk along the coast to a view of the former South Pole.

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Yoga Path Travel and Destination Guide to Hong Kong: A Focus on Recreation & Education

By Yoga Path, a publication from Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal Inc. (exercise for enlightenment)

Just outside of the midst of skyscrapers and edgy nightlife, Hong Kong offers the world’s finest opportunities for health, wellness, vitality, and a sense of discovery. Children adore its playful playgrounds, restaurants serve breakfast pastries and jellybeans, and the locals take tea, snacks, and miniature golf. A personal favorite is Hot Tea Park, which features a working tea house. Guests can experiment with herbal and green teas, taste the sweet treats, play games, and shop for discounted books.

Most tourists head straight for the hotel as they take a deep breath in. My suggestion is to spend some time at the center of the action. Buy a bucket of local brand powder at the fountains, test your pulse in the park, or swing on the monkey slide or go kite surfing. Chow Tai Fook, one of Hong Kong’s most iconic shops, will have a little shop for you to try on your own square glasses, reusable shopping bags, and sticky sweets.

For more information, visit

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Temporary Worker Job Application Form (CNVI) / Temporary Worker Temporary Visa Application Form (TCL)

(www.rss.applications.home.c…) 中国,约附中国,建础后一个惊手警奥运业。(新闻审告)

You are accepted for a work visa in the following countries:

Ensure eligibility by submitting the relevant documents or filling out the application form;

Complete all necessary details and confirm receipt of the applications;

For more information, please refer to the checklist.

1. Applicants must have a work permit.

2. Applicants must have a minimum of five years of consecutively completed work experience in the work field in accordance with relevant industry.

3. You must satisfy the requirements for a work permit.

4. You may apply for work permission by submitting employment or vocational reports.

5. There is a waiting period of 180 days (one year) for work permit applicants, and a waiting period of 90 days (three months) for vocational work permit applicants.

6. Alternatively, you may apply for B1 labor visa.

7. You may also apply for a one-year or two-year temporary labour visa with the approval of the work permit application.

8. China Nonresident Visa Application Form (CNVI) and Temporary Worker Application Form (TCL) are required in addition to your applications for a visa or work permit.

9. The following may be required to apply for a temporary worker labor visa.

Duties and responsibilities.

Number of persons to be employed.

Age to be employed.

Information about your physical capacity, vision, hearing, physical abilities, learning, right organ, eye, right features, handicap, handicap, and linguistic abilities.

Length of your travel to China.

Time spent waiting in China, between the dates of your application and the date of the approval for your visa or work permit.

Occupation under temporary worker visa.

Name of employers.

Professional qualifications.

Specialized educational qualifications.

The satisfaction of special requirements.

Dates of the relevant examination.

Answers to essay questions

Ten points will be awarded for:

1. Business qualification (entry or your authority to manage or manage for the employment).

2. Functional qualification (entry or your authority to perform or perform for the employment).

3. Communication qualification (entry or your authority to contact persons and convey information for the employment).

4. Insecurity qualification (entry or your authority to protect personal safety or property).

5. Model qualification (entry or your authority to model or take the example of another person or a quality model for the employment).

6. Language qualification (entry or your authority to use, learn, use, or use the language of the particular subject for the employment).

7. Education qualification (entry or your authority to educate or provide general education.

8. Employment qualification (entry or your authority to work, manage, manage, assess, manage, consult, discuss, consult, project, collaborate, design, or engage in education, trade, trade, good, decoration, craft, profession, or business).

9. An individual qualification (entry or your authority to possess, use, learn, use, or use the knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities, etc.).

10. Ability to perform occupational tasks for the employment.

You may apply for a visa or work permit by filling in the following applications:

1. The CV application.

2. A summary (Prepare a summary of the applicant’s qualifications; just indicate the key points), and

3. The interview application.

1. Applications should be submitted in A215, A222, or A216 form.

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From This Petals You Will Lead

You know how you feel on those nights that you just never want to leave your hotel room. There’s one word that can sum that up quite well. Rage.

Maybe it’s because you want to go somewhere and do something wild after all the climbing, scuba diving, hikes and rides you’ve done by yourself all day. Then, you stare at all of your physical achievements and realize that, for all that time you spent exercising and stretching, things are still coming apart.

Perhaps it’s because you have to be somewhere in the near future and have no desire to travel. And, your nearest airport is miles away. Or maybe, you just have the itch for a quick trip to the hotel bar and can’t bear to wait for the drive home.

We’ve all got this desire, but have some serious doubts about what to do when you get to the hotel room. We’ve all dreamed of dressing up and dancing the night away with no one watching. But this is what I think I will actually end up doing this year.

I’m excited to participate in the New York International Film Festival (NYIFF) this year. It is truly my dream to go to the Festival, and I’m excited to see what the first half of this year brings. I will let the blue and red ribbons speak for themselves, but I’ve gotta say I am very excited about hearing what happens at the Film Festival.

I am not a big fan of cooking, but I find myself craving it and telling myself that I can’t wait to be back. Everyone will be back in that town, so I’ll be there too.

I have to say that the Blonde Abroad always finds something to do in the city. I want to see a performance, I want to meet some fun people, but I also don’t want to be bored when I come back. So, in the Blonde Abroad column we will look at what will make sense for a New Yorker to do in their trip away from home, and what they could do back in New York.

This type of thinking, and the questions it poses, act as inspiration. These trips will allow me to grow and learn a lot about myself, and I can see them evolving into a series of weekly pieces. For example, if you had no motivation to go out, these trips could lead to some great groups of friends.

Since we are in New York, I’m sure there will be a lot of grilling going on. Oh, I can’t wait to sit at home and grill some sirloin, just for the heck of it.

Of course, I’ll be wondering all of the time if the story of Mr. Anderson’s Rooster is going to make it to the big screen. I know it definitely will not, but I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for me to make sure he gets to live on in our hearts.

We’re pulling for you!

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7 Amazing China tours by changing weather

Beijing – Revive your “Summer Vacation in Beijing” day by day and take a nostalgic trip back to what you remember from your holidays. These are the top seven and most unique events that happen every day in China’s most centrally located capital city during rainy days.

7. People Skate at the Sunu Bridge

Nestled away in northern Beijing, the Sunu Bridge near Tiananmen Square on the River Huang still offers skaters an exhilarating skateboarding experience.

6. Visit the Changan Garden

Located in the middle of Peking University campus, Changan Garden brings back the memories of a childhood holiday days or summer walk through the forest.

5. Go to the Big Cupcake Run

10,000 of the world’s largest cupcakes take to the road for this unique 10 km running event to support two cancer research centers and change the lives of hundreds of cancer survivors.

4. Stay at the Pan Arun Residence

Situated in Beijing’s Shaanxi County, over 2,000 square meters this opulent and beautiful gated residence comes with an array of amenities like a full-service gym, sauna, and steam room in its ground floor plus a wellness center with an outdoor pool, spa, gym, and tennis court on the upper floor.

3. Visit the National Stadium

Standing at over 88 meters tall and 25 meters wide, Beijing’s massive National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, is the best organized sporting experience in Beijing. You get to see the best athletes, including the Olympic Torch Relay runners. There is also a variety of other sports, live music, art performances, and more.

2. Visit the “Big Brother”

Tucked away in China’s central city, Chongqing is known as the “Big Brother” of China. Big Brother is famous for having cheap dumplings – the best selling Dumpling Fisherman Chen Hong. Big Brother is also one of the best test market places for fruit and vegetables.

1. Visit the Beijing Rock Museum

More than 40,000 years of Chinese culture can be found inside this rock museum which is the largest network of rock art in China.

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Discover China Chinese Romance: Improve your language skills while learning to love women the most in China

By — Lance Roberts

But how long does a visit need to be to learn the traits of a real Chinese lover?

You’ll never need to leave China if you visit the country from April to October. You won’t find a shortage of rich erotic tales to satisfy your desire for literary spectacle. How many times have you read romance novels from this vast culture and while reading about male idols:

Relationships with women in China is a societal, cultural and intimate experience. It has an allure that can most often be found in the pages of romance novels. You will read about relationships that are full of passion and nobility. It is as if the Great Wall and the Yangtze River merge into one overwhelming social journey.

It is not easy to find the perfect, perfect match. It is a skill that involves the art of interacting with a woman with all of her different facets. Any woman is better than one man is bad. You can learn which of her levels to pursue while also avoiding the pitfalls that almost every relationship in America and Europe end in. You will discover how to find the right woman and you will learn to communicate while you acquire this skill.

The best way to learn Chinese language is to spend a trip living amongst the Chinese. Working with members of the Chinese culture in authentic cultural situations gives you a really close feeling of Chinese language. You would love to connect with people who are very happy in their lives who express love and see their relationships as a way to deal with life as it is.

If the best way to learn Chinese language is to spend time under the sun with local people, what about the best way to learn romance?

Although romance stories will never be enough to make you a Chinese master of the art of romance, you can greatly enhance your love-language skills while visiting China. No one will ever convince you that learning about the great cultural traditions of China doesn’t help you to love even more. While visiting China, you will have the opportunity to learn dozens of romance novels and you will have a variety of languages to speak with women from all over China, as well as the money to buy all of the romance novels you desire.

Discover China can help you learn the Chinese language while you learn the proper way to date and the right Chinese ways to love. Your passion for romance will have never been stronger while you visit the country. Discover China will guide you through the most amazing culture in the world.

If you can’t decide whether to buy China Visit or Travel In China for more information, please note that most airlines also offer pricing assistance for certain travel destinations.

If you’re an avid enthusiast for any of the following materials, you’ll want to check out our Explore Worldwide guide to find out whether we have publications to help you discover the world of travel. We are proud to assist you in your travels and you won’t go hungry either. As you explore the world, we promise you will have more fun than ever before.

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4 Summer Destinations: China

Brilliant sand dunes, coastline and sea views, crystal clear waters, outdoor cafes and floating restaurants — there are many reasons to visit China this summer.

Skip the few major cities and stay close to the ocean.

For many years now, our clients have enjoyed making Chinese mainland journeys. As the summer of 2019 approaches, many of our clients are thinking about traveling and planning what cities and destinations to visit. No doubt, many are also thinking about time zones, timing and connecting the necessary logistics. Let’s face it, July-to-September is a great time to travel to China. However, after touring the country in a specific number of months, clients sometimes want to try a different destination. Before selecting a favorite city or setting, it is helpful to think about the lifestyle and the environment in order to include as many positive attributes as possible. With that in mind, here are four places to consider this summer.

Eilalie Cruz and her son picked Sofia, Bulgaria for a summer vacation. “After traveling to Europe in 2013, we wanted to experience something new and different. As a family, we hope to be able to travel together frequently in the future. This year, we decided that we want to venture into Europe, and there are so many countries that we felt we wanted to visit. Sofia in Bulgaria was the perfect destination that we would rather stay back to the city than go to Greece or France or Italy, and it seemed like the right time. We want to spend time with family, exploring the area and sightseeing, and there are many activities we have to try.”

Check out Sofia and the country’s historical attractions:

Cambodia Located along the coast in Cambodia, its magnificent coastline and tranquil environment makes it an ideal destination to vacation. We have visited previously and enjoyed it and it’s still warm as compared to the northern areas of the country. One of our favorite beaches is the scenic St. Nicholas Hill, where we enjoyed walking around the beach in the sunset and sunset-watching.

Check out the colonial buildings and markets:

Dominican Republic Dominicans in the Dominican Republic have all sorts of different beaches for the visitor. Having a taste of Dominica and its food, our guide encouraged us to spend our vacation in the capital of Santo Domingo to explore the beaches and the beachescape. We had a great time at the seaside the next day.

Beaches and restaurants:

Pyongyang This town is known as one of the most spectacular coastal destinations in China. The first time we visited China, we decided to visit this city in particular. We were totally taken with Pyongyang’s spectacular historical town and its unique beach. It’s popular for its unbeatable view, gorgeous waves and the ocean soothing gardens. The concept of floating restaurants is amazing. At this time, it is highly recommended for travelers visiting Pyongyang.

As China experiences an economic slowdown, more families will be selecting their vacations and local travel itineraries based on preferences, comfort and family ties. With that in mind, these four places on our short list of summer destinations are just a few reasons why China is sure to prove to be popular with travelers this summer. Travel to see Shanghai, Dalian, Guangzhou and Xiamen, and make sure to throw in the new city, Wenzhou in Zhejiang province. Enjoy!