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Cruise Through the Beautiful Scenery of the Li River in Guilin

Guilin, China (PRWEB) December 25, 2018

Guilin is a lovely city filled with historical sites, tons of luxurious lodgings and restaurants to choose from, and is definitely a cruise destination to check out if you are planning a visit to the central China region this summer. Guilin is famous for its scenic river cruise along the Li River . It is a quick and easy way to see the breathtaking Li River with less than 24 hours of travel time.

The Li River Canyon is quite a sight with stunning scenery and views of impressive views on several islands close to the river. A more scenic area is Pingshan which has several picturesque mountain ranges covering the site.

Guilin is a highly relaxing cruise city and offers fantastic bargains with affordable rates, despite its abundance of high-end lodgings. Just visit China’s national tourism office for information on stay packages and packages available.

Guilin River Cruise Visit

Guilin is an ideal destination to visit if you want to be a bit more active than sitting back and having a glass of wine. If you’re not the adventurous type, you can still enjoy great experiences in this central China town. You may even wind up exploring everything you see here with more of an international vacation.

Many hotels offer package tours for visitors to explore these sights in a less touristy environment. It gives visitors the chance to experience all of this city has to offer and doesn’t leave out travelers who may just want to relax a bit before traveling to visit new sites. You can also explore Guilin on your own and have quality time with family and friends.

Traveling to Guilin on a river cruise offers visitors a more direct experience of this city, something that is hard to do on a plane. You will be able to see the places that have long inspired writers and artists and have intimate feelings with locals.

Getting there and arriving at your stay

Traveling by airplane would be much easier and quicker but is not for everyone. Flights are the same price for everyone from most countries and are the same amount of time for everyone to take. You are paying for the privilege of taking a taxi anyway, so why not use your tax payer money to do something that you don’t have to? The journey to Guilin is less than 100 miles. A long drive would have been much more stressful than just taking a tourist bus to visit the beautiful destinations.

Both flights and boat travel can be booked at the city offices in Guilin . You can do longer stays or change visits to get the cheapest fares. You can also register your rooms on the websites to receive discounted tourist rates. You can get travel deals as low as USD 12 per person with stops at some of the city’s most stunning attractions.

Consider taking your vacation like a local and spend a day on the water enjoying a cruise. You will feel like a local who is only concerned with the sights. You might as well get in on the culture experience by enjoying local food and local drinks. The accommodation prices will be comparable with those found at some of the city’s best hotels.

Take advantage of special package offers from local tour operators, bed and breakfasts and even hotels near the cruise terminals. Book early and take advantage of specials to arrive in style.

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