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Now you’ve been there: Downhill Adventure of the Villages in China

Corners of wooded hills, terraced vineyards in the distance, short vintage vineyards, and the once-distinguished Yangshuo Chapel…cycling through Yangshuo Countryside China.

The pastures of Yangshuo countryside China, wine country in the midst of China.

The Pastures of Yangshuo Countryside China, long green fields, providing fodder to several animals in the distance.

Long green pastures, farmland, organic fields for mixed grains and vegetables for creating an agricultural establishment.

Long yellow/brown fields, cultivated brown fields, plots of blue and cream fields, scattered with green and brown irrigated crops.

I have ridden past a number of wine country clusters in the areas west of Guangzhou, and the smaller Guangdong Province and over the course of a few days as well. An agricultural area for grain, and beans and so on. Generally, with the exception of those clusters which supplied wholesale markets for producers and some restaurants, most of them were in the more coastal area of Guangdong Province. One exception to this general rule is the area that we visited, the Yangshuo Countryside China in the inland parts of Hunan Province, and more specifically in the Yangshuo County of Huangshuo County. They produce organic grapes.

Farmer’s life

I traveled with a cyclist and her kids to a farmhouse which had a large garden, located in the Guizhou Province of China. The garden was one of the prettiest I had ever seen, full of pears, apples, pomegranates, berries and pears, watermelons, tomatoes, peppers, peppers, okra, lettuce, radishes, cucumbers and all sorts of different salad greens, all wild, to include its Japanese run off herbs and rinsed leeks. Flowers that no longer had any flavor, such as the wild rose of China, had been turned into soil with the help of the local Chinese Spring manure granules. In the backyard, the was a large swimming pool, which was surrounded by potted plants with pumpkins and pumpkins and pumpkins, in pots and orbs, fruits and vegetables.

Farmer’s life. The children enjoy watching their dad cycle in the wheat fields, in the pastures that he farms.

The kids are outdoors nearly the entire time, fishing for and collecting salmon and mussels and even catching themselves a fish, with their live isp testicle. They also enjoy watching their dad cycle in the wheat fields. While harvesting wheat, they each retrieve a wheelbarrow and cart and transport the end products home. Along the way, the kids see fresh coffee being brewed, tobacco being consumed, organic chicken being brought home. Fresh dumplings and tea are also being produced. Often, cows are also coming for the fresh milk products.

The artist’s retreat

I was shocked at the simplicity of the agricultural communities. You would have thought that there was much more to show here than the agricultural products that it has produced. They did not make me feel as though I was a guest at their home. In fact, they had lived there for fifty years, in their own huts. The oasis consists of a small circular of forested hills adjacent to their farmhouse, surrounded by rice fields and cultivated fields. The beautiful white houses sitting in the mountains, the valleys, the cornfields and the cornfields as far as the eye could see, all inhabited, surrounded by the growing crops. One of the men, of course, carried a large piece of wood between the fields when the weather was hot. At night, they played games of soccer, basketball, soccer and volleyball in a basketball court in the village.

During the day, their wives scrubbed the outside of the houses. Sometimes, they slept in their village housing, with their mules, on the courts that they made.

In the car, the children were lapping up the smells of freshly cut grass, and sawdust and straw in the kitchen, and this rustic feeling of farm life. The villagers had also looked after them like family for years, as they worked. The children grew up in a place where they had always loved to see and play together. They can also play volleyball in the village, and they soon love to run down to the village courts and participate in the sports games. They can also play cricket, Chinese football, even hockey, and they participate in rock climbing, mountain biking, running, swimming, and the pool. The village had once had a golf course, a basketball court, and a hill that was used for agriculture. The villagers claimed to have invented bata-panga basketball.

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