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Check out the Sounds of the Tiger Leap Trail in Thailand

The popular trails along Tiger Leap through the mountainous wilderness of southern Thailand are a rich source of music, scenic beauty, wildlife and delicious food. But perhaps the best feature of the area is the music made by the graceful tigers that can be seen all around the gorge. Come to the Tiger Leap trail and you will become captivated by the classical singing of these tigers, whose enchanting tones are like the flute of a melody played over and over again. If you are able to hear the birds singing nearby, you will hear the tigers singing in their opening chorus. After the singing, you can enjoy a lunch break, being serenaded by the tigers enjoying their lunch and the nearby forest.

Tiger Leap trail heads through a wide open valley with numerous small waterfalls cascading down to pools, where, after your lunch break, you can watch in awe as these majestic cats jump through the water. After the waterfalls are out of the way, you can walk around the valley to catch a glimpse of tigers, and many times you will see them leaving their waterfalls at night, or sit along the cliffs and watch as they go hunting.

Rates are $45 per person, including meals, entrance fees and guide. If you wish to bring a little extra, bring your own sandals. Check out our Youtube video for more videos on the trail.

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