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4 Summer Destinations: China

Brilliant sand dunes, coastline and sea views, crystal clear waters, outdoor cafes and floating restaurants — there are many reasons to visit China this summer.

Skip the few major cities and stay close to the ocean.

For many years now, our clients have enjoyed making Chinese mainland journeys. As the summer of 2019 approaches, many of our clients are thinking about traveling and planning what cities and destinations to visit. No doubt, many are also thinking about time zones, timing and connecting the necessary logistics. Let’s face it, July-to-September is a great time to travel to China. However, after touring the country in a specific number of months, clients sometimes want to try a different destination. Before selecting a favorite city or setting, it is helpful to think about the lifestyle and the environment in order to include as many positive attributes as possible. With that in mind, here are four places to consider this summer.

Eilalie Cruz and her son picked Sofia, Bulgaria for a summer vacation. “After traveling to Europe in 2013, we wanted to experience something new and different. As a family, we hope to be able to travel together frequently in the future. This year, we decided that we want to venture into Europe, and there are so many countries that we felt we wanted to visit. Sofia in Bulgaria was the perfect destination that we would rather stay back to the city than go to Greece or France or Italy, and it seemed like the right time. We want to spend time with family, exploring the area and sightseeing, and there are many activities we have to try.”

Check out Sofia and the country’s historical attractions:

Cambodia Located along the coast in Cambodia, its magnificent coastline and tranquil environment makes it an ideal destination to vacation. We have visited previously and enjoyed it and it’s still warm as compared to the northern areas of the country. One of our favorite beaches is the scenic St. Nicholas Hill, where we enjoyed walking around the beach in the sunset and sunset-watching.

Check out the colonial buildings and markets:

Dominican Republic Dominicans in the Dominican Republic have all sorts of different beaches for the visitor. Having a taste of Dominica and its food, our guide encouraged us to spend our vacation in the capital of Santo Domingo to explore the beaches and the beachescape. We had a great time at the seaside the next day.

Beaches and restaurants:

Pyongyang This town is known as one of the most spectacular coastal destinations in China. The first time we visited China, we decided to visit this city in particular. We were totally taken with Pyongyang’s spectacular historical town and its unique beach. It’s popular for its unbeatable view, gorgeous waves and the ocean soothing gardens. The concept of floating restaurants is amazing. At this time, it is highly recommended for travelers visiting Pyongyang.

As China experiences an economic slowdown, more families will be selecting their vacations and local travel itineraries based on preferences, comfort and family ties. With that in mind, these four places on our short list of summer destinations are just a few reasons why China is sure to prove to be popular with travelers this summer. Travel to see Shanghai, Dalian, Guangzhou and Xiamen, and make sure to throw in the new city, Wenzhou in Zhejiang province. Enjoy!

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