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7 Amazing China tours by changing weather

Beijing – Revive your “Summer Vacation in Beijing” day by day and take a nostalgic trip back to what you remember from your holidays. These are the top seven and most unique events that happen every day in China’s most centrally located capital city during rainy days.

7. People Skate at the Sunu Bridge

Nestled away in northern Beijing, the Sunu Bridge near Tiananmen Square on the River Huang still offers skaters an exhilarating skateboarding experience.

6. Visit the Changan Garden

Located in the middle of Peking University campus, Changan Garden brings back the memories of a childhood holiday days or summer walk through the forest.

5. Go to the Big Cupcake Run

10,000 of the world’s largest cupcakes take to the road for this unique 10 km running event to support two cancer research centers and change the lives of hundreds of cancer survivors.

4. Stay at the Pan Arun Residence

Situated in Beijing’s Shaanxi County, over 2,000 square meters this opulent and beautiful gated residence comes with an array of amenities like a full-service gym, sauna, and steam room in its ground floor plus a wellness center with an outdoor pool, spa, gym, and tennis court on the upper floor.

3. Visit the National Stadium

Standing at over 88 meters tall and 25 meters wide, Beijing’s massive National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, is the best organized sporting experience in Beijing. You get to see the best athletes, including the Olympic Torch Relay runners. There is also a variety of other sports, live music, art performances, and more.

2. Visit the “Big Brother”

Tucked away in China’s central city, Chongqing is known as the “Big Brother” of China. Big Brother is famous for having cheap dumplings – the best selling Dumpling Fisherman Chen Hong. Big Brother is also one of the best test market places for fruit and vegetables.

1. Visit the Beijing Rock Museum

More than 40,000 years of Chinese culture can be found inside this rock museum which is the largest network of rock art in China.

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