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From This Petals You Will Lead

You know how you feel on those nights that you just never want to leave your hotel room. There’s one word that can sum that up quite well. Rage.

Maybe it’s because you want to go somewhere and do something wild after all the climbing, scuba diving, hikes and rides you’ve done by yourself all day. Then, you stare at all of your physical achievements and realize that, for all that time you spent exercising and stretching, things are still coming apart.

Perhaps it’s because you have to be somewhere in the near future and have no desire to travel. And, your nearest airport is miles away. Or maybe, you just have the itch for a quick trip to the hotel bar and can’t bear to wait for the drive home.

We’ve all got this desire, but have some serious doubts about what to do when you get to the hotel room. We’ve all dreamed of dressing up and dancing the night away with no one watching. But this is what I think I will actually end up doing this year.

I’m excited to participate in the New York International Film Festival (NYIFF) this year. It is truly my dream to go to the Festival, and I’m excited to see what the first half of this year brings. I will let the blue and red ribbons speak for themselves, but I’ve gotta say I am very excited about hearing what happens at the Film Festival.

I am not a big fan of cooking, but I find myself craving it and telling myself that I can’t wait to be back. Everyone will be back in that town, so I’ll be there too.

I have to say that the Blonde Abroad always finds something to do in the city. I want to see a performance, I want to meet some fun people, but I also don’t want to be bored when I come back. So, in the Blonde Abroad column we will look at what will make sense for a New Yorker to do in their trip away from home, and what they could do back in New York.

This type of thinking, and the questions it poses, act as inspiration. These trips will allow me to grow and learn a lot about myself, and I can see them evolving into a series of weekly pieces. For example, if you had no motivation to go out, these trips could lead to some great groups of friends.

Since we are in New York, I’m sure there will be a lot of grilling going on. Oh, I can’t wait to sit at home and grill some sirloin, just for the heck of it.

Of course, I’ll be wondering all of the time if the story of Mr. Anderson’s Rooster is going to make it to the big screen. I know it definitely will not, but I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for me to make sure he gets to live on in our hearts.

We’re pulling for you!

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