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Temporary Worker Job Application Form (CNVI) / Temporary Worker Temporary Visa Application Form (TCL)

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You are accepted for a work visa in the following countries:

Ensure eligibility by submitting the relevant documents or filling out the application form;

Complete all necessary details and confirm receipt of the applications;

For more information, please refer to the checklist.

1. Applicants must have a work permit.

2. Applicants must have a minimum of five years of consecutively completed work experience in the work field in accordance with relevant industry.

3. You must satisfy the requirements for a work permit.

4. You may apply for work permission by submitting employment or vocational reports.

5. There is a waiting period of 180 days (one year) for work permit applicants, and a waiting period of 90 days (three months) for vocational work permit applicants.

6. Alternatively, you may apply for B1 labor visa.

7. You may also apply for a one-year or two-year temporary labour visa with the approval of the work permit application.

8. China Nonresident Visa Application Form (CNVI) and Temporary Worker Application Form (TCL) are required in addition to your applications for a visa or work permit.

9. The following may be required to apply for a temporary worker labor visa.

Duties and responsibilities.

Number of persons to be employed.

Age to be employed.

Information about your physical capacity, vision, hearing, physical abilities, learning, right organ, eye, right features, handicap, handicap, and linguistic abilities.

Length of your travel to China.

Time spent waiting in China, between the dates of your application and the date of the approval for your visa or work permit.

Occupation under temporary worker visa.

Name of employers.

Professional qualifications.

Specialized educational qualifications.

The satisfaction of special requirements.

Dates of the relevant examination.

Answers to essay questions

Ten points will be awarded for:

1. Business qualification (entry or your authority to manage or manage for the employment).

2. Functional qualification (entry or your authority to perform or perform for the employment).

3. Communication qualification (entry or your authority to contact persons and convey information for the employment).

4. Insecurity qualification (entry or your authority to protect personal safety or property).

5. Model qualification (entry or your authority to model or take the example of another person or a quality model for the employment).

6. Language qualification (entry or your authority to use, learn, use, or use the language of the particular subject for the employment).

7. Education qualification (entry or your authority to educate or provide general education.

8. Employment qualification (entry or your authority to work, manage, manage, assess, manage, consult, discuss, consult, project, collaborate, design, or engage in education, trade, trade, good, decoration, craft, profession, or business).

9. An individual qualification (entry or your authority to possess, use, learn, use, or use the knowledge, understanding, skills, abilities, etc.).

10. Ability to perform occupational tasks for the employment.

You may apply for a visa or work permit by filling in the following applications:

1. The CV application.

2. A summary (Prepare a summary of the applicant’s qualifications; just indicate the key points), and

3. The interview application.

1. Applications should be submitted in A215, A222, or A216 form.

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