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Yoga Path Travel and Destination Guide to Hong Kong: A Focus on Recreation & Education

By Yoga Path, a publication from Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal Inc. (exercise for enlightenment)

Just outside of the midst of skyscrapers and edgy nightlife, Hong Kong offers the world’s finest opportunities for health, wellness, vitality, and a sense of discovery. Children adore its playful playgrounds, restaurants serve breakfast pastries and jellybeans, and the locals take tea, snacks, and miniature golf. A personal favorite is Hot Tea Park, which features a working tea house. Guests can experiment with herbal and green teas, taste the sweet treats, play games, and shop for discounted books.

Most tourists head straight for the hotel as they take a deep breath in. My suggestion is to spend some time at the center of the action. Buy a bucket of local brand powder at the fountains, test your pulse in the park, or swing on the monkey slide or go kite surfing. Chow Tai Fook, one of Hong Kong’s most iconic shops, will have a little shop for you to try on your own square glasses, reusable shopping bags, and sticky sweets.

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