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Discover China – Beijing and New Zealand Style

New Zeland Style

Beijing has an interesting way of testing a person’s cosmopolitan knowledge. Being the capital of China there are always things to do in China. Beijing is home to numerous museums and cultural events that may be hard to locate online.

Beijing is home to the highest number of temples in China with 139 that still exist in all provinces and autonomous regions. In a city that grows daily with an approximately 7 million population, visitors can find every nook and cranny to experience the spirit of China in these museums.

One of the most unique museums that can be viewed in Beijing is the Great Wall exhibit at the ancient Beijing Museum. The Great Wall is the oldest in China and is easily found on many maps with 150 miles long. This exhibit is sponsored by the China Tourism Academy and is situated right in the center of Beijing.

Cultural Adventures

From the Great Wall to museums and art exhibits, Beijing is an amazing place to experience something new. Visitors can learn more about the culture through guided tours around the city. Beijing is home to many museums where visitors can sit in the hallowed halls and look at exhibits from around the world.

Beijing has many festivals throughout the year where visitors can come and relax and enjoy the sun on their water shoes. The capital plays host to several winter festivals, such as Holiday Festival, Day and Night Festival, Carnival Day Festival, National Day Festival, Spring Festival Festival, and the Lantern Festival.

General attractions in Beijing include:

Umbrellas are a very popular trend in China and tourists can locate their stand by searching for the “Umbrella Museum”.

Beijing is home to the Guanghua gate, which is one of the country’s most famous landmarks.

Beijing is best known for its Temple of Heaven, which is said to be among the most beautiful temples in the world. The Temple of Heaven has a famous tourist site that visitors can find by following the trail that leads from the gate to the gardens.

Beijing is home to the lantern festival of Olympic city when the “yellow moon rise” (hora kuaixi) takes place to mark a special period of festivals and special events. The lantern festival is characterized by the display of lanterns on the streets of the city. It starts around August 21, 2018 and ends September 10, 2018.

Of course, traditional Western cultural attractions like Madame Tussauds in Beijing provide plenty of fun for the tourist.

The best part about China is that foreigners can come and experience every corner of China. All it takes is researching and connecting the dots!

New Zealand Style

An alternative trip to discover something Chinese could be New Zealand. New Zealand is a country full of unknown experiences and amazing sights. Travellers can see the Southern Lights, complete with spectacular natural movement.

North Island has two of the most famous North Island Mountains. Mt Cook and Mt Ruapehu. The latter is so popular that it has a vast network of trails that hikers can explore in any direction.

White Mountains has a massive amount of unique rock formations that make for some of the best mountain climbing in the world. Even though the White Mountains have exceptional scenery, they also host a number of tourist sites in the region. One of the main tourist attractions are also Antarctica Walk, a 5 kilometer walk along the coast to a view of the former South Pole.

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