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Enjoy the Amazing Wonders of the Great Wall of China

Exploring Great China

China is a stunning country with stunning landscapes and breath-taking history, so why not embark on a completely unique vacation? Discover the Great Wall, or Han River, or some other piece of the country that you’ve been wanting to explore. Explore Shangri-La, or Zhanjiang. Or somewhere you’ve never been before, discover China in all of its glory. An immersive and beautiful trip is always a success with all of your senses heightened and refined.

Flowers are always blooming in Chinese gardens. Take some time to look at the shrubs and trees while perusing the beautiful flowers. The sun glints off of the stone walls and the sky looks like it’s as bright as the day it formed.

The scenery is sure to inspire when navigating the streets of Hangzhou. Take a stroll through the beautiful, winding streets. Usually accessible only by foot, most people walk around on foot and consider visiting all of the shops as one goes along the street.

Explore the Great Wall

A great way to explore China is to head out to the Great Wall and see the landscape while looking at the history behind it. The wall was built for protection from Genghis Khan, a fierce Mongol leader, who was known to use his favorite weapon to attack those who he didn’t like.

In China, there are two sections of the Great Wall. The first section is in the middle of the country and the second section was built in the north and south. There are countless views of the wall as you explore and run the vast country.

Take a driving tour in Mongobo Village, the original gatepost, in northern China’s Songjiang county. Situate as a victory gift, this town was once the capital of the Tang Dynasty. The village was built around a wooded area that was used to build the Great Wall. As you drive, you can see how the original foundation of the village was laid. As the road stops at the ancient wooden gate, you will realize how the original construction would have been.

From the road, you can drive to the towers and watch the two movements in the wall: Either an attack that was called a “wake” or a retreat caused by a rain of mud. Once the attack was over, the flood of mud knocked the builders down and the roof with reveal the younger age of the foundation building. On the march side, the stone of the wall was shorn, leaving the entire stone structure exposed to the elements. But once the rain subsided, the stone was used as a defense of a fortified position.

Check out the original stone of the foundation at the Mengan quarter of Old Leshan City.

Take a walk in the shrine of the Dark Wat with the highlight being the shrine with the statue of Yue, the bear that protects Xiangchenmen from vandals. The road to the shrine is as winding as the path is steep. The monks only allowed access to a few roads, and the road after them were only on foot. On the approach to the shrine, you can see how the bricks left on the work to make the shrine took hundreds of years to build. But on the journey, you can see the bricks fell and they never again added the labor on top.

Go car racing on the Great Wall. The journey of the car racing from one side of the Great Wall to the other is one of the most unique stories of art and cars. In this race, cars only reach 45 miles per hour, but it’s still a breathtaking ride, especially as the cars drive alongside the wall and watch it form. The walls itself are held up by a series of checkpoints where they gather moss. As each car gets closer to the wall, the moss falls and allows the cars to reach the halfway point. The glory is worth it, and you’ll see it.

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