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The “There and Then” Experience at The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

What better way to staycation in Hong Kong than at The Mandarin Oriental where you can compare and contrast things here at home and make your own discoveries about what’s happening here in East Asia. If you want to get a feel for how Hong Kong is similar to similar places, consider a drive to the frontier villages just north of the city, like Gigaza, which is literally up a rabbit hole behind the Sai Kung Expressway and where you find far more than you ever expected (including a place that resembles Jaunt Solo). You’ll find Chinatown is one of the major attractions in the south part of the city and we’re recommending a ride on Lamma, which has become an urban hill for every day-to-day, transit-preferring, an early morning route to get work done. But if you’re looking for a history lesson, you’ll find it in Bukit Timah, which holds such an interesting past that it has inspired Chinese people to settle on its side of the bay to stay “classy” until the winds shift again. Regardless of where you go, you’ll enjoy all of Hong Kong. Check out their Spring Hong Kong itinerary for inspiration.

The space is exquisite in the hotel which has been a landmark since the 1950s, when William Fox Talbot built the first one on the grounds of China Town, the location of his printing factory. The Mandarin has played host to a wide variety of celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tom Cruise. The Nightly Chef’s Table, which is limited to five seats, is a lovely way to spend the evening, watching the chefs prepare an assortment of amazing dishes that are well thought out and well made. The downstairs, Comfort Suite is the place for a star’s nightly suite, so treat yourself to this beautiful restaurant located at the top of the hotel.

The rooftop pool is very quiet and understated, perfect for you to stay in that meditative mood which is perfect for reconnecting with yourself and the universe. The thermostat is also the perfect temperature for you to relax and feel refreshed.

We recommend trying the California Cracker Pizza, which is a sweet and crispy concoction. For a more substantial lunch on the salad loving side, they offer the Mr. Dearest dish, which is like the king of Chinese sandwiches – a savory feast for the eyes. Their Blues, Boogie and Bop burgers make for a great, very filling meal. You will want to try the Willow Juice juice, it’s like taking the sweet of a woodsy “wildebeest juice” on a Korean trip and making it taste just like the fruit, which is now available at all Mandarin’s restaurants. You can find it in some of the classic chicken wings flavors, or make it an entire meal by adding tofu to your meal.

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