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Explore Your Future in China with DAD China Tour

Beijing, China, December 25, 2018 – Explore your future. Experience the wonders of China and get the best tour on the market. Now, we give you the complete content to choose your tour. Discover China is the go-to place for people interested in discovering China as a tourist destination. We are not only the experts for each of the types of tours you can experience, but you will also have the hands-on experience of Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Beijing.

Start with our China Tour guide Daniel Lin. When you call us for your tour guide, we will ask you to give some personal preferences. For example, you might tell us that you want to visit Hong Kong, that you want to visit Tainan and one or more cities in the Yangtze River Delta, or that you want to go to Beijing. Once you finish your answers, we will arrange for a highly qualified (local) guide to conduct the tour.

Your tours will give you new insights to China. You will learn about the most beautiful sites and discover historic, beautiful city, history and music. With the DAD tour guide Daniel Lin, you will experience each destination with unique local experiences.

We also know that prices will be a bit expensive. We only believe that you will discover the wealth and beauty of the Chinese culture. You won’t need to worry about costs as we have for the past 13 years, and we have helped you get these prices down. We can provide you with the best price by combining our travel services.

Our company developed the modern travel agency model in China to provide new flights and low-cost flights, individual tours of more than 100 days, and low-cost flights for specific travel requirements.

Our detailed itineraries can give you a long-term plan for the time you spend in China or can give you a suggested “travel behavior” pattern. For you, the best strategy for China Tours includes frequent short visits, and group tours with a defined theme, such as the National Day Celebrations in September in Shanghai, the Three Gorges Monument in Chongqing, the Science Centre in Beijing.

If you want short, dedicated, and focused itineraries, we are your company. You will book your China Tours with our experienced travel professionals in less than 5 minutes. When you buy your tour with our company, you know that we are professionals from the land of the rising sun.

Visit or call our official office at 650-589-4329 or toll free 800-571-4299 to learn more about our travel plans and to speak with a manager.

To get all the answers you need, call the Office of Daniel Lin at 650-589-4329 or 800-571-4299.

About Discover China:

Discover China is an industry-leading travel agency in China. The company is ranked No. 17 in the Beijing Large Issuer ranking and No. 2 in the Beijing Small Issuer ranking for 2 years in a row by Issuance Experience, one of the top China-based issuers listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. Since its launch in 2004, Discover China has built a nationwide base of over 200 domestic and international travel partners, 1,700 employees and over 2,200 clients. For more information, call 770-588-9380, or visit

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