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Best International Restaurants in China

This week, look forward to adopting the attitudes and ways of the Qing Dynasty in China and appreciate this great nation, portrayed in this article. Take a little time and learn more about the Chinese culture and country: Chinese restaurant and café roundup and sightseeing guide for the top sights in China.

Localize the experience

There are so many famous restaurants and restaurants in every city and major tourist spot in China; there is so much food, this can become overwhelming for even the most seasoned traveler. Moreover, eating in a foreign country is always subject to risk. Thankfully, Travel Indonesia and Far Eastern Travel offers extensive guides to the best restaurants, cafes, and bars near you in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and other major cities. Yes, many cultural experts say the very best meals and best drinking in China can be found in the local establishments and restaurants around you! Try to get acquainted with the local restaurants and cafes, and encourage your friends, colleagues, or loved ones to do the same. This will help you fully immerse yourself in the culture, ensuring a memorable experience.

Discover the Street Art


First, let’s talk about some exciting things to do in China, and one such is street art and so-called culture nei rien art. Some of the best is seen in Shanghai and Beijing. Take a look at below for a snapshot:

Culture nei rien art

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Take your time and travel to China! China travel market is booming, as more international tourists come to experience China’s culture, cuisine, and scenery. Book your international tour through Trusted Agents:, and take advantage of Best Deals, Discounts, and Specials. Through several innovative company services such as Duo Center and Fantasia Travel, including Tu Bahn Ai and, Trusted Agent’s do their best to make the journey of a lifetime, and other non-travel businesses do the same.

Discover how the local people live

Take a tour to see first-hand how the local people live and celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year fall in February, right around the year of the 12th moon baby in the Chinese calendar. It is the most wonderful time to celebrate and introduce traditional Chinese values. National Day takes place in August, which is the second most celebrated Chinese holiday, second only to the Year of the Pig. History shows the first National Day celebration in China started in 1911, and since this year it started with the Democracy Wall Show, a recent initiative in the New South China and Beijing Commemoration of the Year of Democracy, and continues with Song and Dance Festival (San Leung Flower Blossom Festival) and National Day festival. Finally, they explain in How China’s New Year started (…

Explore the far flung regions of China

Apart from Beijing, many other places also have scenic landscapes, vast rivers, and enchanting tea gardens. Feel so far away by ordering a seven day Far Eastern Travel guide for much more than sightseeing adventures. Visit all regions: Sichuan, Yunnan, Xian, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, and more, so you may discover new regions and regions new!

Enjoy the most modern cuisine in any country

Although some famous Chinese restaurants can be found in cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, it is best to visit local or tourist restaurants at the places you yourself go. For the most delicious food in China, prefer contemporary and modern cuisine. Many of the most popular restaurants and cafes in China are located in small neighborhoods in metropolitan areas, but also close to the historic ruins. For more information about restaurants and cafes near you, visit the Michelin Guide for China…

Experiencing China is easy and accessible, enjoy the journey!

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