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On Beijing: Choon-An’s City of Shifting Conventions

China has not been afraid to utilize the power of tourism to shift its national perspective. It’s time to move beyond the hardline controlled environmental policies in the past. Beijing does not need to serve the tourist as a gatekeeper. Beijing can cater to the global traveler at a time when some airports have become unrecognizable to the international traveler. Some of the places you won’t find in many international travel guides are readily available in Beijing, to accommodate your need for luxury.

Beijing’s journey towards its goals

Today, Beijing is a traveler’s paradise. A traveler’s cave is easy to find. You will find a range of modern hotels on Chang’an Avenue. Beijing’s East side also is generous. Try the Blue Temple, Bunmari and Guoliu Gate in one day. Beijing offers a beautiful selection of food, shopping, theater, and nightlife. Be weary of counterfeit shoes and clothes and beware of bidding fraud. Be a bit skeptical when you go shopping, especially after Dec. 25, because the thieves have been known to spoil Christmas cheer.

Beijing tourism destinations

Examples of the Bejing tourism destinations

If you’re planning a trip to Beijing, it is essential to check out these top landmarks. You will not find them in any guidebook! Start with North China Museum, an extravagant Hong Kong replica of a Ming Dynasty palace. The Blue Temple is usually referred to as China’s Giza, by tourists or visitors. Based on the authenticity of the architectural features, it is very hard to predict the value of the temple. On the other hand, the small more luxurious Bunmari is less known to the global traveler. An hour’s drive from Beijing, Guoliu Gate is another showcase of Beijing. The hill known for its square looks like a prototype of today’s ancient European capitals.

Beijing offers some traveler’s cave

Beijing also offers a variety of themed hotels. Remember to pick the right hotel, not just because of Beijing’s lavish life. From The Great Wall Experience (WEW) Hotel to the Junqiao Yigong Hotel & Spa. Can’t decide where to stay? Well, be sure to know the value of each hotel and scope out the coffee shops, nightlife, and restaurants to enhance your stay.

Beijing: first stop for the traveler

Beijing is the second city from which many tourists travel to Beijing. The United Nations has confirmed that almost 3.5 million tourists came to Beijing in 2018. Beijing is one of the most popular destinations due to its picture perfect cityscape. Beijing’s many historical attractions, art and culture museums, restaurants, shopping and other fun are very hard to find anywhere else. You’ll definitely not find these information items in guidebooks.

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