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Singapore is an amazing place to visit, particularly for those who can get a Singapore Airlines flight or a direct flight to Australia. SingPost is just one of the main companies in Singapore, working in the field of logistics and communications, whereas Singapore Airlines works in the field of aviation and aerospace, operating both business and leisure flights.

This combination of industries gives you a unique opportunity to discover all that Singapore has to offer, besides the nightlife and shopping. Here are 20 photos from Singapore to inspire you to visit this gorgeous land.

Cherry Tree Garden

A canal lies at the bottom of this Bangkok tunnel, collecting the water from behind the pond. People can go fishing here. The purpose of this particular canal is the support and stability of the bridge.

This is a distinct touch that Singapore has to offer. The gardens are more than 300 years old, having been planted by the Makawanui Kingdom in 1402.

In Chinatown, Lao Zi is one of the many attractions you can see while visiting the area. This neighborhood has old shops, hawker centers, and attractions that visitors can enjoy. Here, you will find colorful Christmas decorations in front of the T.K. Select Books. This bookshop has interesting collections in their book collection, such as used books and Japanese manga.

The Monkey Forest at Legoland.

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