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Packing for China – Everything Must Be Canned or Frozen to Stay Organized

Wang Wenze, the husband of the airline executive in Shanghai

Shenzhen, China – While you may believe you’re checking the “Packing Right” and “Packing Wrong” lists when you pack for a trip, according to Wang Wenze, a sales and sales analytics manager, this is a total lie. For one, packing is not possible for Chinese people! Wang says, “Chinese people want everything, whenever, wherever – in short, everything can never be packed.” Even if you have some extra time before you leave, that won’t be enough to select and then pack items according to a list.

“If you are not a ‘lady backpacker’ or ‘Boy Bob’, chances are you’ll not have a great travel experience just because you’re pack heavy or pack weakly. Why? Because it’s essential to keep everything at the right place at the right time. That is what China is all about! In fact, Chinese people are really great at buying non-essential items – it’s just the cargo matters are difficult to find and that’s exactly why there’s so much talk about life, death, funerals, and fortunes in China!” explains Wang.

She and other Chinese travellers, along with many U.S. expatriates who love to travel, agree that if you visit China, you will need to pack light. Wang says that she always pack about three different items, instead of three layers, especially when traveling along the coast. Using this one approach will help her find all of her various outfits quickly and easily. She explains that she thinks “tons of new things can pop up in China – at work, at home, on a train or plane, on a barge – and that’s not an exaggeration.” Therefore, Wang recommends packing light and staying organized to save time on her next trip.

Another traveler was interviewed about his experiences. The visiting colleague of Wang who works in Shanghai says, “To be honest, while I enjoy using my travel budget to travel, I would rather save the money and spend it on special adventures and experiences. That’s because China has got so many parts to discover in and around the city. Whether you find it new in your travels or want to create new things after you’ve come home, it’s really up to you to create the memories and experiences in your everyday life.”

The contributors to this article all agree that Chinese people, and more specifically the Shanghai-based expats who have made their home in China for a long time, can travel with ease. They know what to pack to maximize their time and to prolong their vacations. According to Wang, “Everything is packed in China – from T-shirts to chair cushions, from chairs to shoes. Everything is being ransacked, manipulated, and multiplied and turned into the new master of supplies for ‘dream vacations’.” As Shanghai-based Chinese-American and retired investor-international trade expert Allan Annett says, “Packing items into luggage when you’re not taking them has become the new Chinese trick.”

Going back to the first country in which “things need to be packed” in order to build hotels, create mini-parks, develop skyscrapers, and create new cities “has become increasingly important to Chinese people” and travelers looking to visit there.

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