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Discover China: Top Hotels and Lodges in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Beijing

What You Can Find When You Travel to China

by Donald Knight, Senior Writer

China is no stranger to mega-cities. However, the abundant nature of China’s national parks, which is accessible by foot and cycling, makes exploring them a wonderful travel experience. Often, the greatest surprise is less about what the people actually have to offer than what they could be — discovering caves, rock art, or time lost when there’s not a tsunami in the ocean.

Included here are the few cities in China most memorable for their scenery, food, and culture. Feel free to add your own favorites for the next few pages.

Hong Kong City

Most travelers only view Hong Kong as a special oasis of interesting cities surrounded by the bustling country. There are several elements unique to Hong Kong that only make it more appealing: the largest harbor in the world, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, an International Airport, and a small town in the center of it all. Although Chinese night life can be far off the beaten path, one needn’t miss the nightclubs along the Hong Kong Causeway and Causeway Bay. The up-and-coming nightlife district of Admiralty has small, innovative bars for both locals and tourists. On an island just across the harbor from Hong Kong, Mong Kok has a superb and growing food scene and vibrant clubs. Foodies should visit the Michelin-starred Restaurants of Hong Kong or find one of the neighborhood restaurants to enjoy the delicious street food of the neighboring district of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Mount Tianqi

Another important factor to consider when visiting Hong Kong is the numerous mountains that lie along the Straits of Taiwan. This encompasses the city of Shenzhen, the province of Guangdong, and the city of Xiamen. The mountain range, Mount Tianqi, reaches a majestic 6,856 meters above sea level. Walk its steep inclines, observe the colorful hot springs and beautiful scenery.

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Another offering unique to Yantai is culture. Hotelier Joe Shou’s Shandeilyu Culture Complex is a place where tourism and culture collide. The complex is small with minimal amenities, but it includes 9 shops, three restaurants, and some of the best mall value in the Chinese Riviera (Riviera includes the popular Pearl River Delta and Zhongnanhai). The complex’s prime feature is an exquisite string-wrapped mountain called the Dragon Cliff, a waterfall called the Flower Fountains, and the Golden Night Garden.

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Beijing City

With over 70 million people, and a culture that influences Western culture, Beijing is one of the world’s most populous cities. There are more than 10,000 bridges in Beijing, many of which were built during the Revolutionary War. The myriad of bridges makes this a breathtaking city. In addition to the impressive bridges, Beijing’s dining scene has grown and changed, with dozens of premium places offering Western-style casual and fine dining.

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Shandong Province

Ranging from the capital city of Beijing to the historic city of Guilin, Shandong is known for its beaches, forests, volcanoes, high-end shopping, and steamy sulfur lakes. Shandong’s land, bamboo, and ancient cultures are prominently displayed in this province, and the state was historically the home of the Han Buddhist religion. Stop by Shandong’s famous green hills, take a scenic drive along the riverside roads that go through the mountainous forests, or visit the beautiful steamy sulfur lakes that are visited every summer by thousands of tourists.

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