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Chongqing in 2020? Explore four new adventures

06-15-2019 09:53 HK – Being in Chongqing 2020.

The universe of new urban residential will expand in Chongqing.

With more than 40 million people, modernizing Chongqing should focus on attracting tourists and further diversifying its economy.

The city is changing rapidly and growth targets are set to more than double by 2022. Its ambitions to be one of the world’s ten largest cities by 2030 have enormous impacts on the environment and its urban environment.

As development is happening throughout the region, Chongqing is rushing to offer visitor services that can make its many attractions more enjoyable and create distinctive Chinese tourism experiences.

Given the city’s progressive growth, special features such as its scenic landscapes, many outdoor adventure sports, and culinary scenes make it an exciting city for adventure seekers.

Here are some of the top adventures to take this year and beyond in Chongqing.

Regional Resort Unearths Ancient Iron Foundations

Giant great red dragon with oar atop Dragon King mountain (Chongqing Cultural Cave)

Picture : Luyen Lianye

Three digging operations at Chongqing Culture Area had set the historical foundation to the dates of the modern Chongqing. The local population, local archaeologists and ecologists remained engaged in analyzing and studying the exploration effort as part of their plan to be as proud as ourselves of our “Chongqing Paradise” which welcomes millions of visitors annually.

The Chongqing Cultural Landscape has been compared to the rise of Disney. Along with other attractions, the landscape has also been elaborated and maintained to offer a veritable mix of nature and human culture. With its education projects and weather-loving civilization, the region is the most promising place in China in the current times.

Chongqing Human Museum Makes History

One life-size life-size bronze statue of water sculptor Jiang Mengshu (Father Earth)

Scene: Snow, Yangtze River, 120 meters high

Among the two water sculptures by local master artisans, Jiang Mengshu (father earth) had led this talented group of artisans to realize the highly popular waterlily installation. To turn 100 years old, the unique waterlily exhibition is still hosted by the Human Museum, which provides a unique cultural experience for nearly 20,000 visitors every year.

A local classic value from the ancient culture, the exhibition highlights nine long-lived plants such as water lilies and tung heui which were revered by the ancient emperors as they exemplified the virtues of filial piety, protection of the Earth, longevity and faith.

Exploring the Last Wonders of the Pearl River Delta

Seeing the Full Moon on the Nine Journey of Taiyuan’s Sword Bridge

Painted The Wandok Palace by Han Xie, Waofangryuan, Yunnan, China

This famous scenic region is a true eco-tourism destination. It is also one of the most popular training grounds for sea turtles (of which approximately 6,000 remain in the middle seas) and is seen as a place with plentiful chances to watch great wildlife.

At the Fourteenth Moon Festival in March, the Wu Mersuo Baishuangu Islands were an important feature for social festivities and visitors could observe nature and culture from above this beauty-filled rock forest.

The six-man team team visiting the islands arrived with three small airboats decorated with silk and gold threads. This was in 1989 and at the time, there were four giant summits around the lake; they are now about 150 metres high. A further six more giant summits were revealed in the following decade, and they have since been named Nine Journey of the Sword Bridge.

Through the Year of the Pig, take five great journeys to Chongqing 2020 and enjoy many unique cultural experiences.


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