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Is It Good to Have Two Haunted Places in China?

I don’t know whether you’ve done it or not, but in many cases you may feel mentally confused in having to locate the Haunted Places in China. You can see here there are only five of the most popular and popular areas with the best following.

I think the most important thing is that the experts are largely behind it, and they are largely seen as a treat for tourists.

This list is not my personal favorites, so I want to state that I am truly grateful for the kind people that thank the guide and put it in order to put together this list, especially the guidance.

But, the scary part: when you look at the two items which the experts has listed, they are exactly the same. One is Chihou, and the other is Xian Shuar.

The two famous haunted places that I have tried out in the past year, Chihou and Xian Shuar, are visually quite different from each other, so for a distinction in recommendations, Chihou is the one which I have mentioned more in the blog posts and I think the difference can be seen more in the content within this list. But this list is so easy for Chinese and visitors, so easy to pick one, and I think that it is such a good list, I will not have to have to buy one of the guidebooks to keep updated.

To get a sense of the “similarities” of these two places in China, all you need to do is go to Chihou you will notice that a lot of ghosts appear on the wall if you walk by, if you look closely at the place and look back at the window, you will see there are several ghosts, and people who were there have made things up as they talk to the ghosts, in an old Chinese fashion, and everyone in China is doing it. So it is easy to judge which place is haunted by this characteristic (and I am sure there are many other interesting things about the place to investigate).

You can go back to Xian Shuar and see the shrine of Uncle Huang, which are disturbing to observe, especially in the dark place. You cannot see anything inside it, so after you look at the shrine you cannot see a thing anymore. So, I think this is not so scary and the memories are longer, because that is how people use that place, to remember their own times in Xian Shuar, who was there with them in that time.

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