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Chinese New Year 2019 will be different with a larger number of cities celebrating

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Little (and big) spaghettis, firecrackers, dragons and all manner of colorful decorations glittered and lit up the Great Hall of People on 15 December, as countdown to Chinese New Year began in Shanghai’s People’s Square with a spectacular display of color. With some 4,000 performers, performances began to take place across the city at the beginning of December in preparation for the 15th year of the Dragon Boat Festival.

However, last year on 15 December, China didn’t celebrate this New Year’s holiday. All over the country, people were wondering where the celebrations were. The ceremony had been scrubbed. In the absence of the traditional celebrations, patriotic Chinese media, social media and, of course, hotels and airlines celebrated the occasion instead. For some friends in Beijing, Macau and Hong Kong, this might have felt quite different to last year. What will happen this year?

This year the Chinese government hopes to provide an opportunity for more people to celebrate the Chinese New Year holiday in 2019. Some Chinese artists and other individuals are giving their skills to celebrate this occasion without the government interference by taking part in the celebration.

A quick look on flights at JFK Airport or airports like Shanghai’s Pudong station certainly shows how popular air travel has become. The holiday is too big a deal to lose. However, one of the biggest cultural holidays in the Chinese calendar this year may end up being if the celebrations go ahead as planned.

What is Chinese New Year celebration?

The Chinese Lunar New Year is marked by a Lunar New Year Parade with floats, interactive games and other entertainment attractions. It is also known as the Spring Festival, with traditional foods like vegetable delicacies and pork being eaten, along with flowers to celebrate the extra holiday. Nowadays, some hotels will offer special deals on New Year’s Eve and the following day.

Considering the significance of the holiday, people need to remember to be smart and not overexpose themselves to the event by wearing fireworks. Children who might be a bit more active might benefit from participating in active competitions to deal with stress or chronic illness. Most importantly, be cautious about how many activities you engage in on New Year’s Eve and Day.

Began by championing agriculture

The first celebration took place in 610 BC. It was founded by the Emperor Shen Fu, who set a date as 15 January 1013. Today, it is observed as 15 February, the date of the first sighting of the crescent moon. China is not only the largest importer of soybeans and soybean products, but also it is the world’s largest rice exporter, with the biggest quantity of rice being produced in the country. In all, China is the world’s largest food exporter.

Chinese New Year celebrations can inspire a child’s imagination, with many children loving the number eight and relating it to the Chinese phrase “In all actions an eighth party was ruled”. This doesn’t seem to be unfounded as the number of prizes on offer at the point of Chinese New Year really inspires imagination. The number eight seems to be everywhere.

Last year millions of dollars worth of prizes were up for grabs, so if this is something you want to hold over your head for the next year then you might like to consider participating in something like China’s Big Bang – a large fireworks event which takes place in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square each year.

Taiwan and Hong Kong are also on the calendar for celebrations, which can be a lot more family-friendly if you consider the route of their celebrations.

Many travel itineraries are run by travel agencies and are fully refundable if you need to cancel at a time of year that you just can’t travel. You might also find that hotels and airlines are offering special deals for Chinese New Year. However, don’t cancel holiday plans this early if you have a cushion in place before the trip. If you need to revise, you should consider your trip with extra protection.

The moves to showcase the many Chinese-related events and activities in China for the Chinese New Year 2019 is an excellent way to retain cultural traditions and local knowledge. The people living in Chinese-speaking countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong would especially enjoy these New Year’s Eve and Day celebrations. Hopefully you are able to explore and enjoy all of this Chinese New Year 2019 has to offer!

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