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Soaked By Hong Kong’s Legendary Rooftop Hotels

First-class inflight suites have long been the standard for travelers wishing to relax by the sea in stunning surroundings. Now, in Hong Kong, travelers of all price brackets can look forward to the city’s fabulous accommodations. Whether wanting to stay in a refurbished cottage just outside the Yuen Long district or a traditional family house near the Central business district, Hong Kong residents and visitors can find one-of-a-kind accommodations fit for all budgets.

Fairmont Hotel Eiji-Yau-Ma-kau

Located just 25 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport by train, this five-star hotel features 94 spacious guest rooms. The airy rooms are decorated in classy modern colors, with oversized bathrooms and modern furnishings. Guests have access to a fitness center, a two-storey club room, a swimming pool, a spa and a delicious American-style restaurant featuring local cuisine. The Fairmont Eiji-Yau-Ma-kau provides excellent views of Victoria Harbor and Sheung Wan beyond its secured gates.

Kowloon Cottages & Spa

Near Hong Kong’s historic Cultural District, a short distance from the Hong Kong International Airport, is the set of several cottages on top of a hill and known as the Kowloon Cottages & Spa. All 82 bedrooms are decorated in Westin style and include a choice of regular or balcony rooms. The cottages’ walls are adorned with charming paintings by Chen Long. The Kowloon Cottages & Spa recently won “Best Rebuilt or Restored Home on Kowloon,” according to a Hong Kong media survey. The Cottages & Spa have swimming pools, a steam room, a sauna, a mineral soak room, and an on-site spa treatment room. The cottages’ nightly rates start at HK$830 and go up to HK$10,000.

Cooper’s Cove

Located in the quiet district of Tsim Sha Tsui, this one-of-a-kind property offers accommodation, dining and entertainment experiences for travelers of all budgets. The indoor spa and indoor pool water-treatment complex along with a youth hostel cater to the needs of those who need an affordable, clean place to rest for the night. The hotel features the ideal mix of luxurious accommodations with a convenient location by the waterfront. An adjoining restaurant serves up new flavors while catering to the foodie traveler. The restaurant has been highly ranked in various publications by Trip Advisor including Travel + Leisure, USA Today, and Attitude Travel.

For travelers looking for the city’s best accommodations, there are numerous options. From large chain hotels to a few newly refurbished vacation cottages, there are many stylish and romantic hotels that offer different options for guests and travelers. Hong Kong is now renowned as one of the world’s most exciting and varied travel destinations, and accommodations are no exception.

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