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3 to do while in Shaanxi (guide)

This province is a major base for tourists and tourists come to China because of many factors. One of the factors is the variety of good things to do in Shaanxi and the time to do things takes a lot of time.

The best day out in Shaanxi has three things: Bike tours, gastronomy and shopping. So just pick something that’s important and use your time wisely. Enjoy exploring Shaanxi and then let me tell you what to do while you’re there.

1. Bike tours

Now this is the perfect day out because a bike tour can take as long as an entire day, but the good thing is that there’s enough time to spend touring all the interesting spots and stopping for a break at each one. Along the way, people will tell you about all the cool things to do and of course the best places to eat.

There’s various versions of bike tours in Shaanxi. They all have many different highlights, but I like the Wookey Hole tour for its green nature and great atmosphere. If you are into more fast activities, I’d recommend the Tenjun Alpine Bike Tour because it has more fun events.

2. Gentrification

Many factors have brought gentrification to Shaanxi. Basically, foreigners coming in brings business and more jobs to the area. So now the locals are working to compete in that way.

But it’s good to see how new residents and young people are trying to make Shaanxi their home. Besides a healthy lifestyle, the city is also famous for Shaanxi Panda Geisha (shuonzerun mahge). In another sidebar we’ll talk about the elephant safari, the three sacred landscapes and the beautiful scenic places in Shaanxi.

3. Local Culture

Shaanxi is known to have special Chinese cultural festival, so you should be sure to bring that along when you’re on your bike tour. See if you can include some local culture in your tours. You will need to park your bike in one of the marked public places.

And where can you find some local culture in Shaanxi? I’ll tell you:

Shaanxi’s Festival of Pleasure and Harmony: Now this is a deliciously relaxing festival that brings together the idea of fortune, beauty and wealth. On July 20 and 21, which will be marked by the coming-of-age of Shanghainese, this festival draws a crowd to enjoy live music, neon lights, finger food and a pretty statue of a pinwheel floating in the air. There are also many different activities for children like mud wrestling, treasure hunt, street dance, arts and crafts and a lighting festival that celebrates the sunrise over a 10-story mountain that’s approximately 3,000 feet high.

Party for Partyland: Now Partyland is a residential area that covers 130 km of Shaanxi, and it has a good number of shops and restaurants. Other than a good selection of beverages, there are lots of specialty items with Partyland’s popularity for fashionable young women. There’s also many volunteer organizations that help socialize young people. All in all, Partyland is a magnet for young people who live in China and want to live in a different area.

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