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A lot to see in China

Beijing is a city of contrasts, with their very ancient roots and breathtaking modern wonders. While many people associate China with its traditional southern culture, there are many ways to see the “red hot” country. China has its own panoply of interesting experiences to share with travelers. Even more exciting is discovering a glimpse of this country’s rich world of experience through the popular online map site,

The highlights of Beijing – the biggest city of China, strategically located at the crossroads of East and South China, North and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Western Pacific – are the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

With its prominence, Tiananmen Square takes on the aura of another world; and giant surveillance cameras and massive surveillance over the large squares are signs of the information age. In the ancient era, most of Beijing’s population was on the wholesale markets and Dongzhou Lama Temple, a very popular temple of San Guo is of that era. You can sometimes catch sight of this ancient temple from your window. To top it all off, close to that place is the massive bronze duck, emblazoned with the image of Chinese people standing for the Chinese New Year parade in 2015.

For romantic Spring Festival, visit a luxurious hotel in the center of Beijing with its elegant orangery and dinner terrace overlooking the landmark Temple of Heaven.

For a morning jog or stroll around Tiananmen Square, try to catch a glimpse of Lenin Fountain’s well-preserved gold leaf which has been featured in paintings of Marxism and Leninism; you can even wander down to Zhongguancun, the old center of innovation and creativity of China’s 20th century development, to learn about the local nightlife.

Discovering Qing dynasty temples in the Hangzhou district will lead you to know more about eastern culture and history, with precious relics and artifacts that testify to the serenity and spirituality of this ancient culture.

This is China’s newest playground and also one of the world’s most exciting. With the recent development of the entertainment industry, this is the only Asian city with leading cities, impressive cities, and beautiful cities.

Enjoy an active pleasure from just about every direction in Beijing. Every day, a new event is happening in Beijing. Your time at Beijing is more than spent in attraction tours. Beijing is your most unforgettable experience.

From now until the last week of December, there are over 800 live events in Beijing, and some of them include a concert by the famous Grammy award-winning artists from China, a musical event by Yannick Noah, a major classical violin concert by Philippe Quint, or a top-class digital photography workshop.

Since the advent of ixiao, more than 8,000 events are being announced every month from Beijing, in which you can learn about a wide variety of different ideas, places, organizations, cultures, artistic figures, events, and also gastronomy. In addition, Beijing can be your destination of everything for the next month, for it hosts beautiful scenery, outstanding shows, as well as Chinese history.

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