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Take a Two-Week Tour in Beijing

Beijing, in China, is full of legendary sights such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and the Lama Temple, just to name a few. These landmarks are famous for being apart of China’s architectural heritage and are always popular attractions for travelers, who can often secure a visa in a matter of hours.

The construction of many famous buildings in Beijing dates back thousands of years. If you have any business or personal interest in China or a competitive advantage, then why not take a two-week city tour in Beijing to discover these landmarks and explore for yourself.

Beijing is an established Asian city, known for having colorful and thrilling festivals. Some of these may be life-changing. The most memorable ones I ever experienced include the 12 days of Christmas, the Tsingtao New Year Festival, and the Christmas Eve Torchlight Spectacular.

Tsingtao New Year Festival

The New Year Festival is held on the fifteenth day of each lunar month, and it is a friendly social event for families and friends, where they often help build fireplaces and festive decorations for those celebrating the new year. The occasion is celebrated with a feast, a special lantern-making workshop, exhibitions, dancing and traditional music.

Tsingtao New Year Festival: Fun, Activities, and Food

You can travel to Beijing by air, or take a bus to an out-of-the-way district. Most visitors go to the Public Hotel on the first or second day of the New Year Festival to check into their rooms.

Tsingtao New Year Festival: Ski Town

A ski town is not that unusual in Beijing, especially in December. For winter enthusiasts, Beijing is an outstanding place to visit because it also serves as a major transportation hub for the out-of-towners. Here you will find everything from a large variety of shops and restaurants to four-star hotels and golf courses.

Tsingtao New Year Festival: Ski Resort

Beijing is a wonderful ski resort with great slopes. You can check out this area by the train to the west side of Beijing, only about 25 minutes from the central business district. Follow the snowy routes and check out all the fun things you can do.

Beijing: A Stroll Through the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is the main residence of the ancient imperial family in Beijing, and some of the most notable museums in the world are found here. You can experience the huge palace with its myriad of tombs, sarcophagi, stones, and statues.

Beijing: The Forbidden City

The historical Palace of China, the Forbidden City, is one of the most intriguing ancient landmarks in the whole world, and a must-see for visitors to China. The Most-Known Museum in the World

The Imperial Museum is one of the most-most comprehensive collections of ancient Chinese art in the world, and is located inside the imperial palace in Beijing. The Best-known Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is an exceptional museum, where visitors can learn about the history of the traditional Chinese culture.

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