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Beijing Visits the Land of Birds’ Nest

BEIJING, China, Dec. 25, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The city of Beijing, known to be the capital of China, is very much known to be home to the Beijing Tourism Organization (BTO). The BTO, with its vision to “promote all things Beijing,” offers people who plan to visit the Chinese capital a unique opportunity to experience the heart of this city with thousands of historical places, restaurants, and tourist destinations.

The BTO takes pride in providing the best tour packages and hotel accommodations available to travelers through its dedicated website, which showcases citywide attractions and experiences like the Chaoyang Park Rainforest, Xinghaief Garden and Xingtsing Tang Vegetarian Restaurant.

Beyond the BTO website, prospective travelers can also gain valuable information from the Beijing guidebook series and the Beijing cellphone guide series. Available in 14 languages, the Beijing guidebook series provides guides in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

While the majority of BTO tours are based in Beijing, the travelers can experience the city from beyond. Here are some of the top 7 must see locations in Beijing:

1. The Wolong Mountains

Wolong Mountains are well known to be surrounded by impressive traditional Chinese temples and go well beyond national borders. A visit to one of the Hongwang Pass or Guobao Temple will allow visitors to step into this side of the country where beautiful scenery can be experienced in a very different way.

2. Xingtsing Tang Vegetarian Restaurant

The Wolong Mountains are also known as the tai chi forests, as the area is home to a few amazing museums that teaches Chinese martial arts on-site. One of these is Xingtsing Tang, an eatery with an impressive rotunda, which introduces visitors to many vegetarian dishes such as their famous bamboo pig and that is 100 percent meatless.

3. Chaoyang Park Rainforest

The BTO has undertaken a number of projects and has taken pride in providing residents of the city with green facilities, which are now appreciated by visitors. Chaoyang Park Rainforest is one of those destinations and allows people to explore over 135 million trees located within the park.

4. Beijing 2020 Summer Olympic Sailing

Beijing 2020 will be the first time China hosts the Olympic Games. The aim of this summer event is to showcase this major city to the world. With sailing featuring prominently on the program, it is expected to be a very popular event. Visitors should also go and explore the iconic Beijing Opera House, which is not to be missed.

5. Disguise Propaganda Museum

Have you ever wondered about the national ideology of a particular country? This interactive museum is packed with pieces that tell stories about how propaganda was built up across different areas.

6. National Museum of China

When visitors make their way into the National Museum, they will be greeted by exquisite old pictures from the past, as well as the most recent artefacts and items, which give a view of China’s history, including the odd animal or piece of military hardware. The building is also home to a world-class collection of ancient Chinese artwork, including the only known collection of Ghengis Khan’s drinking vessels.

7. Beijer Bird’s Nest Stadium

Beijing is famous for its views and construction, but the Bird’s Nest stadium is the latest building of the city, and offers views of a stunning view of the city from a roof top. The stadium is not only a place for football, but is also used for basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics.

Discover China, the official online destination for China’s tourism industry, has published a useful list of attractions in Beijing for tourists to enjoy, including more than 2,500 restaurants, 500 places to sleep, and 115 hotels.

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