China’s big innovation story: Shenzhen

“We have many strengths but one major thing we need is opportunity to flourish in the market,” says Mingjiang Chen, senior manager at Angel Travel, a local tour operator for the tourism industry in Shenzhen. He added, “In the United States, Silicon Valley is a good example to be looked at to display the strength of China. Because of its smart technology and lots of innovation, everything has found a huge market and be able to compete with the US, without having the current US immigration system.”

He added, “In Shenzhen, many of the companies have great ideas and good products but they are not able to fully develop them, so the government needs to support their business.”

While Shenzhen has always been an important link for North East Asians to reach Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific has now announced plans to begin transpacific direct flights from Vancouver, with flights every Friday beginning in March.

With Canada’s large expatriate population living and working in China, Canadian politicians are considering how to address the increasing visa needs of Chinese visitors to the south coast.

At China’s first-ever overseas trade fair which took place last week in Hong Kong, delegates from industries like construction, hotels, lighting, cosmetics, apparels, and car manufacturing toured Shenzhen.

They shared in Cantonese and Mandarin conversations with local tour operators, factories, and businesses. Tourism has become the core part of city life as it is one of the only industry regions which can truly count on steady growth.

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