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Chinese New Year and February 4

China Year of the Pig is now upon us! Chinese New Year is on February 4. From fireworks to weather, here is everything you need to know about Chinese New Year Festival, the most important Chinese New Year in the U.S. The festival is celebrated for 6 days around the world.

Embrace Chinese New Year

The most important event in the Chinese year is the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is a month-long celebration in the year of the Pig. It happens every year in February. In recent years, it was expanded to include International Events as well.

Forty-four percent of Americans believe that the traditions of Chinese New Year can influence their attitudes and behavior. For people living in Asia, this custom actually happens each year after Chinese New Year. Therefore, it is not a good idea to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year without obtaining permission.

The biggest New Year event is the celebration of the Spring Festival. It is celebrated around the world from February to March. Around the year of the Pig, there is a lot going on. This time, people have to learn to embrace Chinese New Year.

New Year Celebrations, Winter, and Some Chinese Food

The most important thing to enjoy during Chinese New Year is the New Year festivities. Preparations can begin immediately after Chinese New Year is over. The fun starts the next day on February 3, 2019, when people want to welcome the New Year. Spring Festival is marked by the Lantern Festival where every office shut down for a day and children start having snowballs for the celebration.

On February 4, 2019, people enter the Year of the Pig. People visit their friends and their homes to check on their well-being. During the New Year and during all the festivities, people consume Chinese New Year food to commemorate the New Year. There are several New Year foods that are considered like traditional foods.

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The Ceremony of Chinese New Year

The National Day ceremonies, the National Holiday, and the Lunar New Year Celebration are all held the day after Chinese New Year is over. People go to their offices and celebrate in a spectacular way. On Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year decorations are worn and carried in as a symbol of hope for the new year.

Throughout the day, people consume Chinese New Year food. The combination of the signs of the Chinese New Year sun and moon symbolizes new beginnings. Chinese New Year is one of the best times to celebrate Chinese culture.

Why it is Important

Modernized food culture has allowed us to observe Chinese New Year better than before. Many of our customs have not changed much. People have both traditions and modernity in common. We enjoy food and the fun of the celebration, or we have some food to reflect the history of the New Year.

Several New Year celebrations occur on television screens as well. The San Francisco International Chinese Film Festival usually happens on the first weekend of February. This year, it is scheduled for February 2, 2019. It is also held in other major cities in the U.S. The event provides to high-budget movies for that week, and cinemas stay open all the night for the audience.

Find a Countdown Experience To Help You Build Your New Year’s Resolutions

The Chinese New Year in the U.S. can lead to many ways to make new resolutions. On New Year’s Eve, you can join others to start the new year with the traditional Chinese New Year traditions and wishes.

A Countdown Experience is an online event for helping people to build their New Year’s Resolutions. People can use this event to watch the actual rocket launch countdown to join in and celebrate the new year. The event also assists people in setting other New Year’s resolutions. People can make a resolution to be present with their loved ones during Chinese New Year.

One can wish for people of other countries to enjoy Chinese New Year festivities. Because of this event, those of other countries will know about Chinese New Year celebrations in the U.S. Many people do not celebrate Chinese New Year events when there is no Countdown Experience available. This event has helped a lot of people to set and lose New Year’s resolutions successfully.

The countdown experience provides more than just fun and games to those who want to look for New Year’s resolutions. People can learn about Chinese New Year traditions, not only from textbooks but also live.

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