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Traveling to China: Tips & Practical Care Tips

Yi, a savvy traveler, can’t get enough of the beautiful countryside of China. Yes, traveling to China is an experience. Making a reservation to fly into China takes a bit of prep work, considering that sometimes, at foreign airports, there’s an extra $200 or more to pay if you want to check a suitcase and get some food, but the important thing to keep in mind is that China is a beautiful country and that all the familiar face waves will be a part of the trip.

First Trip to China – Tips

Know your destination; don’t be shy. From home, going to China is an experience that you will talk about for years, but the more you know about the country before the trip, the easier it will be on your senses, and so the experience will be even better. Before you plan your trip, make sure you know everything you need to know, and even go through a few local books such as books from the Foreign Ministry for travel information on the safety of the country. This might mean reading Chinese out loud before you go; Chinese can be a bit strange, but remember that you are the expert. You will probably spend more time in China than your average tourist. Plan your trip thoroughly. From choosing the hotel, dining out, and which city tour you will take, research these aspects thoroughly beforehand. If you can afford it, stay in hotels that cater to your culture before going to China. Websites that cater to travelers go a long way. Always read them before you go as you will be looking at a lot of interesting details and you won’t know how to contextualize what you see online. Think beyond the tour buses to explore yourself and plan your stay out specifically for you. If you’re deciding on the food to eat, especially if you have an adventurous palate, plan to eat at some of the street restaurants and also to the hotels because you may end up eating Chinese food more than you planned. Eat together before you leave. Yup, it’s all about the local cuisine. Oh, and I always like to eat with a friend. Always know a translator before you go. You’ll be immersed in Mandarin and you’ll need to learn many words to get around during your stay, and I recommend using a translator as well. Make an effort to learn as much as you can about the country and the culture prior to your trip because you will need this information once you arrive.

Once in China, be safe. I recommend to always travel in a car, drive in groups, and avoid large crowds, and if you can, walk. You can also use some pre-paid apps such as Didi, which you can download to take a picture of your ID to secure your access to an airport and any major routes.

You will only be in China for three months of your life, so I highly recommend spending time in China because it is beautiful and fun. Enjoy every second of it!

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