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8 Things You Should Never Do While Visiting China

7 Things You Should Always Do When Visiting China

People are always saying: “Traveling in China is no different from traveling anywhere else.” In reality, going to China is not like going anywhere else. China is a huge country with breathtaking landscapes, bustling cities, and many varieties of landscapes and people to see and experience. However, you should not visit China on autopilot, especially if you plan to visit China for a short time. It’s important to know certain key things before you travel to China. Below are eight things that you should not do when visiting China.

Don’t Only Care About the Visible Things

Visiting China is really an exploration. It is about understanding the people and culture, which includes learning the history of the country and its geography. You need to know the stuff that doesn’t have that many pictures of it, like the places from pre-Civil War to present-day history.

Do not Feel Bad About Being Poor

Instead of letting yourself get upset if you are poor in China, be happy with that because you are a part of the rich culture of the country. People there are very happy to see you, and they think you are very pretty. You don’t have to do anything special, just be yourself.

Don’t Fly to Top Airlines in China

If you want to afford a top-quality flight in China, you should go to number eight (Air China). Air China is a national airline with serious clout. The airline provides daily flights between China and destinations all over the world. And it has some of the best and most beautiful flights ever on its airplanes. Air China seats you with very comfortable seats, and the flight attendants are very friendly and seem to care about you. It is the safest airline in China. So do not worry about the cost.

Do Not Become One of the Crack Cocaine People

Cocaine in China is not the widespread corruption we hear about in the western media. Cocaine is readily available in China, but it’s not as rampant as it is in other countries. You should be informed of this before you visit. You will probably see it in plain sight everywhere, but no one will talk about it. If you keep this in mind, you will be surprised by what you see in China.

Don’t Talk to People as “Dear” or “Mr.” When You Speak English

Unless they understand Chinese, it is just rude to address people as “Mr. or “Dear.” Instead, try to use “you.” This is almost always appreciated by other people. So don’t do this and watch your manners in China.

Don’t Make Any Calls from Street After Hours

It may seem like a small thing, but it’s a big deal. It can get you in trouble. You must know it is illegal to make any calls from the street after hours. It’s another one of those subtle things that get you in trouble. However, one does not need to stress about this. Anytime you go out in China, there is a chance that you may go to a “public toilet” or “poop” in China. So don’t worry about it. You are very welcome there.

Don’t Ask to Touch the People of Beijing

You do not need to ask to touch the people of Beijing. Most people will ignore you and won’t be ready to have your hands touched by any type of person. Instead, seek to understand their lives and to experience their culture.

Don’t Bring a Camera Everywhere You Go

You do not need to have a camera everywhere you go in China. Unless you are helping a child, you do not need to have a camera. You will need to ask for permission for every camera you bring with you when you are traveling in China.

Don’t Be Concerned about Getting from Point A to Point B

You will probably end up traveling all over China, so do not worry so much about getting to places. You just need to make sure you do not get lost, and you just need to know your way around. If you get lost, you can have any information you need in the country to help you out and make you feel as if you are not lost anywhere.

You Can Eat Anywhere You Want

There are restaurants everywhere in China. The food itself is not that Chinese. Some of the flavors might be local, but the food itself is not that Chinese. So you can eat at any place you want to, just because you feel like. So don’t stress about being stuck somewhere. You have your food, no one needs to know or care about it.

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