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Historic China: New Year’s Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Countdown

China is on the rise, and will hold a world record for the number of visitors in 2018, according to Global Experts.

Tourists coming to China might not realize that the travel visas are exactly the same, which allows travelers to book a dedicated airline ticket and pay just for travel, and not even a visa, according to popular Chinese travel portal. travelers can stay overnight without a visa at the most convenient guesthouse and board without any delay, according to an online source.

First, let’s name three popular tourist hotspots in China: In Shanghai, their ideal destination is Pudong. In Beijing, the ideal destination is the Forbidden City, while in the Southern region of Guangdong, the ideal destination is Luntai, a picturesque lake. This list is not only based on the pride of them, but also of the tourists staying there. Currently, the volume of a tourism visa is over 1 million, which is the world record in 2018, according to Global Experts.

For New Year’s Eve, there are a few hotels with New Year’s Eve packages, including the Regency Shanghai Hotel, the Peninsula Shanghai Hotel, Sunbird Hotel, Hainan Princess, Chairman’s Ceiling Hotel, Leo Hotel, Dragon Hotel and the Red Empress Hotel.

For the coming Christmas and New Year, also visit the following listed as the best tourism destinations, according to GCL China:

– Durban, South Africa: The city only has about 30,000 hotel rooms and there are approximately 100,000 hotel rooms expected by the end of 2019.

– Moscow: There are approximately 3,500 hotels in the city, which will further increase, and 4,000 hotels will be built in 2019.

– Mumbai: Indian visitors love traveling to Mumbai for their international holidays, and enjoy all three seasons of the year.

– Los Angeles: The city is loved by many from China. People love coming here for an exciting holiday.

– Toronto: The Canadian city is a popular international tourist destination.

Finally, in the picture of New Year countdown, a table with seven Coca-Cola lollipops is representing that seven generations together will celebrate New Year together.

While the infographic is 1,127 characters, they still distributed it in 500-character-font.

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