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Discover China in 9 Days


Experience the Brilliance of China in 9 Days

Explore Dushanbe and Borobudur in the South and China’s mountainous Province of Qinghai in the West

Experience ancient festivals, ancient customs, beautiful and rich architecture, and ethnicities in 1st Southeast Asian Tour

Chinese people in the United States and Canada can experience the wonders of China for 9 days and 4 nights. Including an overnight stay in Beijing, a ticket to Beijing Circus, an overnight stay in Hunan, a two-night stay in Shaanxi, one-night stay in Chiang Mai, 1 night in Hangzhou, 1-night in Chengdu, and a 1-night stay in Haikou. And if you want to touch the Daocheng Mountains, welcome spring in the Bay of Guangdong, see some solar eclipse, or inspect the magnificent gardens of the Kremlin there is nowhere to go but China.

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