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Top 5 Top Attractions in Shanghai China

Here is an Insider’s Guide to Shanghai China’s biggest city is a huge region of land shared by China and Japan. Shanghai is huge in all senses of the word. The population of Shanghai totals 22.6 million. This is the second largest urban area in China. I would say that the majority of the residents are of Chinese descent. The origins of Shanghai date back to 528 BC. In this section I will discuss the top five top attractions in Shanghai. Shanghai has its share of extremely warm weather, up to 70 degrees Celsius (158 Farenheit) on average. Shanghai’s humidity peaks at 80% due to both humidity and the presence of snow. If a person does not appreciate the humidity, they probably do not appreciate the climate. Shanghai has a population of over 120,000 square kilometers (49,000 square miles). This region is made up of 23,000 sq. km (9,500 sq. miles) and consists of the cities of Shanghai, Pudong, Fuxin, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan. Shanghai has approximately 106,000 miles of roads. In Shanghai, residents can dine anywhere. Aside from being a nightlife destination, Shanghai boasts tons of fine restaurants, wedding chapels, and affordable restaurants in every neighborhood. Shanghai is home to nearly every kind of international cuisine you can imagine. While it is also home to a lot of inexpensive Chinese cuisine, Shanghai is better known for its Western cuisine.

1. Gangnam Style

Where in the world can you find someone singing about how he will make you ride to heaven on a phallic icon? Gangnam Style was first produced by South Korean Psy. You may recognize Psy from Scary Movie 5, Happy Gilmore, Hotel Transylvania 2, and countless other films. Enjoy Gangnam Style in the theater or immerse yourself in this spectacular YouTube sensation.

Why It’s Important: Gangnam Style and Psy are South Korean artists who succeeded to become famous internationally. Gangnam Style is very popular among people all over the world, including those living in Shanghai. More importantly, the song expresses the celebration of happiness and good fortune, positivity, and triumph. You will surely enjoy this upbeat song that takes you away to the exciting world of Gangnam.

Go GANGNAM Style in this Budweiser advertisement. Youtube / Gangnam Style

2. The Dragon

The dragon statues are deeply ingrained in Chinese mythology and it is difficult to find the exact location of a dragon’s head or the actual shadows where they are carved. The largest dragon statue is situated in the morning at the Hengqin area. Hengqin New Town will be interesting to explore as it is home to a large nature reserve for many species. Along with wonderful architecture, Hengqin Town is an amazing experience to discover with your own hands.

Why It’s Important: After performing the 57 Long Gate, the Dragon Pillar, and Dragon Step at the main Bailiang gate in the Hengqin town, one can take part in a large-scale sand sculpting session. It is the largest sand sculpting event in China.

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