Chongqing in 2020? Explore four new adventures

06-15-2019 09:53 HK – Being in Chongqing 2020.

The universe of new urban residential will expand in Chongqing.

With more than 40 million people, modernizing Chongqing should focus on attracting tourists and further diversifying its economy.

The city is changing rapidly and growth targets are set to more than double by 2022. Its ambitions to be one of the world’s ten largest cities by 2030 have enormous impacts on the environment and its urban environment.

As development is happening throughout the region, Chongqing is rushing to offer visitor services that can make its many attractions more enjoyable and create distinctive Chinese tourism experiences.

Given the city’s progressive growth, special features such as its scenic landscapes, many outdoor adventure sports, and culinary scenes make it an exciting city for adventure seekers.

Here are some of the top adventures to take this year and beyond in Chongqing.

Regional Resort Unearths Ancient Iron Foundations

Giant great red dragon with oar atop Dragon King mountain (Chongqing Cultural Cave)

Picture : Luyen Lianye

Three digging operations at Chongqing Culture Area had set the historical foundation to the dates of the modern Chongqing. The local population, local archaeologists and ecologists remained engaged in analyzing and studying the exploration effort as part of their plan to be as proud as ourselves of our “Chongqing Paradise” which welcomes millions of visitors annually.

The Chongqing Cultural Landscape has been compared to the rise of Disney. Along with other attractions, the landscape has also been elaborated and maintained to offer a veritable mix of nature and human culture. With its education projects and weather-loving civilization, the region is the most promising place in China in the current times.

Chongqing Human Museum Makes History

One life-size life-size bronze statue of water sculptor Jiang Mengshu (Father Earth)

Scene: Snow, Yangtze River, 120 meters high

Among the two water sculptures by local master artisans, Jiang Mengshu (father earth) had led this talented group of artisans to realize the highly popular waterlily installation. To turn 100 years old, the unique waterlily exhibition is still hosted by the Human Museum, which provides a unique cultural experience for nearly 20,000 visitors every year.

A local classic value from the ancient culture, the exhibition highlights nine long-lived plants such as water lilies and tung heui which were revered by the ancient emperors as they exemplified the virtues of filial piety, protection of the Earth, longevity and faith.

Exploring the Last Wonders of the Pearl River Delta

Seeing the Full Moon on the Nine Journey of Taiyuan’s Sword Bridge

Painted The Wandok Palace by Han Xie, Waofangryuan, Yunnan, China

This famous scenic region is a true eco-tourism destination. It is also one of the most popular training grounds for sea turtles (of which approximately 6,000 remain in the middle seas) and is seen as a place with plentiful chances to watch great wildlife.

At the Fourteenth Moon Festival in March, the Wu Mersuo Baishuangu Islands were an important feature for social festivities and visitors could observe nature and culture from above this beauty-filled rock forest.

The six-man team team visiting the islands arrived with three small airboats decorated with silk and gold threads. This was in 1989 and at the time, there were four giant summits around the lake; they are now about 150 metres high. A further six more giant summits were revealed in the following decade, and they have since been named Nine Journey of the Sword Bridge.

Through the Year of the Pig, take five great journeys to Chongqing 2020 and enjoy many unique cultural experiences.


Discover China: Shenzhen helps Latin American entrepreneurs to conquer the world

“There’s a new Silicon Valley in Shenzhen.” This is what Mr. Guang Ping, President of the Export Import Bank of China, said in December 2015. It is the fastest growing city in China, and a regional hub for innovation. The city is a storybook kind of place, from its exquisite three-story ancient tomb houses to the gleaming futuristic office buildings. In my experience, Shenzhen is also the place to experiment.

Located in Shenzhen, China, on the Pearl River Delta – a world-class economy powerhouse – is nowhere near Tokyo or London. But because of a handful of iconic companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and, Shenzhen has become China’s tech capital.

These companies developed technologies that rapidly changed how we communicate, work, shop, and play. By simply identifying an amazing new idea, Shenzhen has filled up its unique network with thousands of early adopters. Today, Shenzhen has blossomed into one of the most important global hubs for innovation.

Each year, the prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) finds that fewer and fewer young people are interested in starting businesses. It used to be the case that a good entrepreneur needed two hands to count how many opportunities are out there. Now, the basic ingredients for a successful startup company – such as access to capital, talent, knowledge, and expert networks – are so abundant that they have become self-sufficient.

But Shenzhen has proven that a good entrepreneurial environment is only half the battle. Having played such a vital role in the development of China’s burgeoning tech sector, local governments in Shenzhen want to make their city the next Silicon Valley of the 21st century.

Collaborative innovation and digital industrialization are key to Shenzhen’s future development. These patterns drive the rapid transformation of Shenzhen from a traditional manufacturing center into a knowledge-based economy. They also make it a great destination for collaboration among innovators around the world.

Bentel Telecom-Philippine, a provider of fixed line, internet, and digital telecommunications services, teamed up with Ernst & Young China to develop Shenzhen Summer Lab, a co-op learning and bootcamp for Southeast Asian startups. Proficiency in the specialties of coding and tech talent development is crucial. Shenzhen Summer Lab’s partners include China’s leading venture capital firms and technology giants including Tencent, Baidu, Foxconn, and Alibaba. The program’s duration is four months, during which participants put together their first solutions. According to Bentel’s program director Brian Cheung, “there is the need to prepare the local tech talent with the right skills. The aim of the program is to provide more job opportunities to Chinese youths.”

On September 18, Bentel hosted the first edition of Shenzhen Summer Lab, an incubation program for startups in IT services and technology.

“This is a new model for incubation programs in the emerging markets. We hope that this program will help entrepreneurs in Shenzhen to come up with their business ideas, and attract more job opportunities to startups”, said Mr. Cheung.

From a mere 50-bedroom apartment 30 years ago, Shenzhen has grown from the sunset of the manufacturing era into one of the most active startup hubs in China. It is a testament to ingenuity and perseverance that it has done so. And perhaps, such innovation and resilience can help make China a great global business partner.

Discover China is a new initiative from The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation. It explores China’s global role as a top innovator. Discover China is a major initiative of ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh’s 50-Year Strategic Framework, which aims to build ASEAN into a global destination for innovation.

Discover China: Top Hotels and Lodges in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Beijing

What You Can Find When You Travel to China

by Donald Knight, Senior Writer

China is no stranger to mega-cities. However, the abundant nature of China’s national parks, which is accessible by foot and cycling, makes exploring them a wonderful travel experience. Often, the greatest surprise is less about what the people actually have to offer than what they could be — discovering caves, rock art, or time lost when there’s not a tsunami in the ocean.

Included here are the few cities in China most memorable for their scenery, food, and culture. Feel free to add your own favorites for the next few pages.

Hong Kong City

Most travelers only view Hong Kong as a special oasis of interesting cities surrounded by the bustling country. There are several elements unique to Hong Kong that only make it more appealing: the largest harbor in the world, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, an International Airport, and a small town in the center of it all. Although Chinese night life can be far off the beaten path, one needn’t miss the nightclubs along the Hong Kong Causeway and Causeway Bay. The up-and-coming nightlife district of Admiralty has small, innovative bars for both locals and tourists. On an island just across the harbor from Hong Kong, Mong Kok has a superb and growing food scene and vibrant clubs. Foodies should visit the Michelin-starred Restaurants of Hong Kong or find one of the neighborhood restaurants to enjoy the delicious street food of the neighboring district of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Mount Tianqi

Another important factor to consider when visiting Hong Kong is the numerous mountains that lie along the Straits of Taiwan. This encompasses the city of Shenzhen, the province of Guangdong, and the city of Xiamen. The mountain range, Mount Tianqi, reaches a majestic 6,856 meters above sea level. Walk its steep inclines, observe the colorful hot springs and beautiful scenery.

More INFO: Shenzhen Eco Adventure


Another offering unique to Yantai is culture. Hotelier Joe Shou’s Shandeilyu Culture Complex is a place where tourism and culture collide. The complex is small with minimal amenities, but it includes 9 shops, three restaurants, and some of the best mall value in the Chinese Riviera (Riviera includes the popular Pearl River Delta and Zhongnanhai). The complex’s prime feature is an exquisite string-wrapped mountain called the Dragon Cliff, a waterfall called the Flower Fountains, and the Golden Night Garden.

More INFO: Yantai Culture Complex

Beijing City

With over 70 million people, and a culture that influences Western culture, Beijing is one of the world’s most populous cities. There are more than 10,000 bridges in Beijing, many of which were built during the Revolutionary War. The myriad of bridges makes this a breathtaking city. In addition to the impressive bridges, Beijing’s dining scene has grown and changed, with dozens of premium places offering Western-style casual and fine dining.

More INFO: Get Excited in Beijing

Shandong Province

Ranging from the capital city of Beijing to the historic city of Guilin, Shandong is known for its beaches, forests, volcanoes, high-end shopping, and steamy sulfur lakes. Shandong’s land, bamboo, and ancient cultures are prominently displayed in this province, and the state was historically the home of the Han Buddhist religion. Stop by Shandong’s famous green hills, take a scenic drive along the riverside roads that go through the mountainous forests, or visit the beautiful steamy sulfur lakes that are visited every summer by thousands of tourists.

More INFO: Guilin Resort

Discover Beijing’s Nightlife for Your New Year’s Eve Celebration

BEIJING, Dec. 25, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Calling all Travel Enthusiasts. It is the perfect excuse to celebrate the New Year, New Year’s Day in Beijing. China has an amazing night life, visitors get the opportunity to enjoy variety of culture and heritage sites. Here’s a brief course of what you can expect.

The night is very colorful here in Beijing, evenings are always vibrant and energetic. Visitors usually visit Chinese national landmarks to celebrate New Year’s Eve, one of the best nights for visitors to see and feel the city and culture of Beijing.

Downtown Beijing is a fantastic city to explore at night. Hotels offer a variety of spacious rooms and the wonderful restaurant scene is always a treat. The area is full of vibrant bars and restaurants at night, but there is also more opportunities to discover a lesser known number of interesting venues in close proximity.

For example, Bellevue is a cozy bar with low lighting and great decor. It offers a fantastic selection of local and imported beers for under $1, as well as plenty of whiskey and beer. The bar offers live music and hosts an attractive range of relaxing bar games like ping pong and snooker. The complex offers excellent locations to watch live bands and has covered terraces for the ultimate in city views.

BC Royal Wharf has another great bar which has set the bar for a great bar atmosphere in Beijing. With a retro 30s and 40s decor, a terrace area with high ceilings and exposed brick walls and great atmosphere. The restaurant specialises in all meat, including fresh local handcrafted roast pork and juicy roast lamb sausages. It’s a really good spot to enjoy a good meal in.

Visit the Bohai Bay night market, is another great venue located in the city centre. The hotel is situated just next to the site which showcases a wide variety of exotic and foreign foods, as well as a delightful selection of national and international drinks. The night market also has its own games, and plenty of drinks, both warm and cold.

The Bright Nite Cinema and Canteen, is also worth visiting. Located in Beijing’s cultural center, is a small cinema which has amazing floor-to-ceiling glass. It also has its own bar area and outdoor terrace with amazing views. Movies are usually hosted from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. There is also a relaxed outdoor space, ideal for tea time and winter cocktail parties. This impressive outdoor space with high ceilings, huge windows and a design finish with all local culture is truly amazing.

Other great venues to visit are Moon Lake, where the opulent grand decorated elegance of Singapore’s Mandarin Oriental Singapore is quite the contrast. The Night Sky Journey, is a fantastic restaurant and bar that boasts extensive wine selection and sophisticated surroundings.

But if all of that isn’t enough for you, spend a day or two on the outskirts of Beijing. Besides countless hillside mountain biking trails and river rafting, canals such as Baijiu and Huaifu can also be explored.

With its outstanding sense of history and culture, this is a must-visit destination and the chances of getting lost in Beijing and local night life is much less as the city is constantly bustling and ready to welcome any number of tourists.

For a cool break from the hustle and bustle, Beijing is the perfect spot to indulge in an evening in some of Beijing’s most spectacular nightlife.


Discover China ( )


*PHOTO link for media:

News Source: Discover China

Packing for China – Everything Must Be Canned or Frozen to Stay Organized

Wang Wenze, the husband of the airline executive in Shanghai

Shenzhen, China – While you may believe you’re checking the “Packing Right” and “Packing Wrong” lists when you pack for a trip, according to Wang Wenze, a sales and sales analytics manager, this is a total lie. For one, packing is not possible for Chinese people! Wang says, “Chinese people want everything, whenever, wherever – in short, everything can never be packed.” Even if you have some extra time before you leave, that won’t be enough to select and then pack items according to a list.

“If you are not a ‘lady backpacker’ or ‘Boy Bob’, chances are you’ll not have a great travel experience just because you’re pack heavy or pack weakly. Why? Because it’s essential to keep everything at the right place at the right time. That is what China is all about! In fact, Chinese people are really great at buying non-essential items – it’s just the cargo matters are difficult to find and that’s exactly why there’s so much talk about life, death, funerals, and fortunes in China!” explains Wang.

She and other Chinese travellers, along with many U.S. expatriates who love to travel, agree that if you visit China, you will need to pack light. Wang says that she always pack about three different items, instead of three layers, especially when traveling along the coast. Using this one approach will help her find all of her various outfits quickly and easily. She explains that she thinks “tons of new things can pop up in China – at work, at home, on a train or plane, on a barge – and that’s not an exaggeration.” Therefore, Wang recommends packing light and staying organized to save time on her next trip.

Another traveler was interviewed about his experiences. The visiting colleague of Wang who works in Shanghai says, “To be honest, while I enjoy using my travel budget to travel, I would rather save the money and spend it on special adventures and experiences. That’s because China has got so many parts to discover in and around the city. Whether you find it new in your travels or want to create new things after you’ve come home, it’s really up to you to create the memories and experiences in your everyday life.”

The contributors to this article all agree that Chinese people, and more specifically the Shanghai-based expats who have made their home in China for a long time, can travel with ease. They know what to pack to maximize their time and to prolong their vacations. According to Wang, “Everything is packed in China – from T-shirts to chair cushions, from chairs to shoes. Everything is being ransacked, manipulated, and multiplied and turned into the new master of supplies for ‘dream vacations’.” As Shanghai-based Chinese-American and retired investor-international trade expert Allan Annett says, “Packing items into luggage when you’re not taking them has become the new Chinese trick.”

Going back to the first country in which “things need to be packed” in order to build hotels, create mini-parks, develop skyscrapers, and create new cities “has become increasingly important to Chinese people” and travelers looking to visit there.

For more information, search “Things To Pack” on Instagram. Also, you can read more about the most popular to pack items at and discover other topic pages at

Singapore Through photos: #redorbit #glassfloor #inspiration #inspiration #nevergiveup #dispatchesfromsingapore

Singapore is an amazing place to visit, particularly for those who can get a Singapore Airlines flight or a direct flight to Australia. SingPost is just one of the main companies in Singapore, working in the field of logistics and communications, whereas Singapore Airlines works in the field of aviation and aerospace, operating both business and leisure flights.

This combination of industries gives you a unique opportunity to discover all that Singapore has to offer, besides the nightlife and shopping. Here are 20 photos from Singapore to inspire you to visit this gorgeous land.

Cherry Tree Garden

A canal lies at the bottom of this Bangkok tunnel, collecting the water from behind the pond. People can go fishing here. The purpose of this particular canal is the support and stability of the bridge.

This is a distinct touch that Singapore has to offer. The gardens are more than 300 years old, having been planted by the Makawanui Kingdom in 1402.

In Chinatown, Lao Zi is one of the many attractions you can see while visiting the area. This neighborhood has old shops, hawker centers, and attractions that visitors can enjoy. Here, you will find colorful Christmas decorations in front of the T.K. Select Books. This bookshop has interesting collections in their book collection, such as used books and Japanese manga.

The Monkey Forest at Legoland.

What to Expect in Chinese New Year 2019!

When starting to plan for the next Chinese New Year, we are about to find out about the lunar new year celebrations from the ancient Chinese festival called the Spring Festival.

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year starts on the 25th day of the 2nd month of the Chinese lunar calendar. If you are like most of us, this means that Chinese New Year 2019 will fall on February 19.

What’s in the Standard Year Book?

According to Feng Shui, the following twelve Chinese year books are the official one used for the two-week long Chinese New Year celebration celebration:

Zodiac Year of the Tiger – 06/28/2020

Zodiac Year of the Sheep – 06/28/2020

Zodiac Year of the Monkey – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Dragon – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Rooster – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Dog – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Pig – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Elephant – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Tiger – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Snake – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Horse – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Lamb – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Rat – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Turtle – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Dragon – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Ox – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Leopard – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Panther – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Rooster – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Dog – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Rat – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Elephant – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Leprechaun – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Rat – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Pig – 07/01/2021

Zodiac Year of the Turtle – 07/01/2021

The entire Chinese New Year celebration ceremony runs from December 24 to January 1. Although every Chinese person is invited to the actual celebration, most people actually send gifts of cash to their friends, relatives, and associates by sending money banks overseas.

This all sounds like so much fun, and we’d definitely be looking forward to this. What better way to begin the new year than to exchange gifts. There are many things you can do to celebrate the Chinese New Year:

Starting the New Year With Food – What better way to start the Chinese New Year than with delicious Chinese food? All different dishes can be eaten during the celebrations: Sichuanese, General Tso’s, and Monkey Chow. Although we’re not big on eating so much food, we are very big on celebrating.

Happy New Year to You Everyone!

On Beijing: Choon-An’s City of Shifting Conventions

China has not been afraid to utilize the power of tourism to shift its national perspective. It’s time to move beyond the hardline controlled environmental policies in the past. Beijing does not need to serve the tourist as a gatekeeper. Beijing can cater to the global traveler at a time when some airports have become unrecognizable to the international traveler. Some of the places you won’t find in many international travel guides are readily available in Beijing, to accommodate your need for luxury.

Beijing’s journey towards its goals

Today, Beijing is a traveler’s paradise. A traveler’s cave is easy to find. You will find a range of modern hotels on Chang’an Avenue. Beijing’s East side also is generous. Try the Blue Temple, Bunmari and Guoliu Gate in one day. Beijing offers a beautiful selection of food, shopping, theater, and nightlife. Be weary of counterfeit shoes and clothes and beware of bidding fraud. Be a bit skeptical when you go shopping, especially after Dec. 25, because the thieves have been known to spoil Christmas cheer.

Beijing tourism destinations

Examples of the Bejing tourism destinations

If you’re planning a trip to Beijing, it is essential to check out these top landmarks. You will not find them in any guidebook! Start with North China Museum, an extravagant Hong Kong replica of a Ming Dynasty palace. The Blue Temple is usually referred to as China’s Giza, by tourists or visitors. Based on the authenticity of the architectural features, it is very hard to predict the value of the temple. On the other hand, the small more luxurious Bunmari is less known to the global traveler. An hour’s drive from Beijing, Guoliu Gate is another showcase of Beijing. The hill known for its square looks like a prototype of today’s ancient European capitals.

Beijing offers some traveler’s cave

Beijing also offers a variety of themed hotels. Remember to pick the right hotel, not just because of Beijing’s lavish life. From The Great Wall Experience (WEW) Hotel to the Junqiao Yigong Hotel & Spa. Can’t decide where to stay? Well, be sure to know the value of each hotel and scope out the coffee shops, nightlife, and restaurants to enhance your stay.

Beijing: first stop for the traveler

Beijing is the second city from which many tourists travel to Beijing. The United Nations has confirmed that almost 3.5 million tourists came to Beijing in 2018. Beijing is one of the most popular destinations due to its picture perfect cityscape. Beijing’s many historical attractions, art and culture museums, restaurants, shopping and other fun are very hard to find anywhere else. You’ll definitely not find these information items in guidebooks.

Best International Restaurants in China

This week, look forward to adopting the attitudes and ways of the Qing Dynasty in China and appreciate this great nation, portrayed in this article. Take a little time and learn more about the Chinese culture and country: Chinese restaurant and café roundup and sightseeing guide for the top sights in China.

Localize the experience

There are so many famous restaurants and restaurants in every city and major tourist spot in China; there is so much food, this can become overwhelming for even the most seasoned traveler. Moreover, eating in a foreign country is always subject to risk. Thankfully, Travel Indonesia and Far Eastern Travel offers extensive guides to the best restaurants, cafes, and bars near you in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and other major cities. Yes, many cultural experts say the very best meals and best drinking in China can be found in the local establishments and restaurants around you! Try to get acquainted with the local restaurants and cafes, and encourage your friends, colleagues, or loved ones to do the same. This will help you fully immerse yourself in the culture, ensuring a memorable experience.

Discover the Street Art


First, let’s talk about some exciting things to do in China, and one such is street art and so-called culture nei rien art. Some of the best is seen in Shanghai and Beijing. Take a look at below for a snapshot:

Culture nei rien art

Image credit:

Take your time and travel to China! China travel market is booming, as more international tourists come to experience China’s culture, cuisine, and scenery. Book your international tour through Trusted Agents:, and take advantage of Best Deals, Discounts, and Specials. Through several innovative company services such as Duo Center and Fantasia Travel, including Tu Bahn Ai and, Trusted Agent’s do their best to make the journey of a lifetime, and other non-travel businesses do the same.

Discover how the local people live

Take a tour to see first-hand how the local people live and celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year fall in February, right around the year of the 12th moon baby in the Chinese calendar. It is the most wonderful time to celebrate and introduce traditional Chinese values. National Day takes place in August, which is the second most celebrated Chinese holiday, second only to the Year of the Pig. History shows the first National Day celebration in China started in 1911, and since this year it started with the Democracy Wall Show, a recent initiative in the New South China and Beijing Commemoration of the Year of Democracy, and continues with Song and Dance Festival (San Leung Flower Blossom Festival) and National Day festival. Finally, they explain in How China’s New Year started (…

Explore the far flung regions of China

Apart from Beijing, many other places also have scenic landscapes, vast rivers, and enchanting tea gardens. Feel so far away by ordering a seven day Far Eastern Travel guide for much more than sightseeing adventures. Visit all regions: Sichuan, Yunnan, Xian, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, and more, so you may discover new regions and regions new!

Enjoy the most modern cuisine in any country

Although some famous Chinese restaurants can be found in cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, it is best to visit local or tourist restaurants at the places you yourself go. For the most delicious food in China, prefer contemporary and modern cuisine. Many of the most popular restaurants and cafes in China are located in small neighborhoods in metropolitan areas, but also close to the historic ruins. For more information about restaurants and cafes near you, visit the Michelin Guide for China…

Experiencing China is easy and accessible, enjoy the journey!

Explore Your Future in China with DAD China Tour

Beijing, China, December 25, 2018 – Explore your future. Experience the wonders of China and get the best tour on the market. Now, we give you the complete content to choose your tour. Discover China is the go-to place for people interested in discovering China as a tourist destination. We are not only the experts for each of the types of tours you can experience, but you will also have the hands-on experience of Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Beijing.

Start with our China Tour guide Daniel Lin. When you call us for your tour guide, we will ask you to give some personal preferences. For example, you might tell us that you want to visit Hong Kong, that you want to visit Tainan and one or more cities in the Yangtze River Delta, or that you want to go to Beijing. Once you finish your answers, we will arrange for a highly qualified (local) guide to conduct the tour.

Your tours will give you new insights to China. You will learn about the most beautiful sites and discover historic, beautiful city, history and music. With the DAD tour guide Daniel Lin, you will experience each destination with unique local experiences.

We also know that prices will be a bit expensive. We only believe that you will discover the wealth and beauty of the Chinese culture. You won’t need to worry about costs as we have for the past 13 years, and we have helped you get these prices down. We can provide you with the best price by combining our travel services.

Our company developed the modern travel agency model in China to provide new flights and low-cost flights, individual tours of more than 100 days, and low-cost flights for specific travel requirements.

Our detailed itineraries can give you a long-term plan for the time you spend in China or can give you a suggested “travel behavior” pattern. For you, the best strategy for China Tours includes frequent short visits, and group tours with a defined theme, such as the National Day Celebrations in September in Shanghai, the Three Gorges Monument in Chongqing, the Science Centre in Beijing.

If you want short, dedicated, and focused itineraries, we are your company. You will book your China Tours with our experienced travel professionals in less than 5 minutes. When you buy your tour with our company, you know that we are professionals from the land of the rising sun.

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About Discover China:

Discover China is an industry-leading travel agency in China. The company is ranked No. 17 in the Beijing Large Issuer ranking and No. 2 in the Beijing Small Issuer ranking for 2 years in a row by Issuance Experience, one of the top China-based issuers listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market. Since its launch in 2004, Discover China has built a nationwide base of over 200 domestic and international travel partners, 1,700 employees and over 2,200 clients. For more information, call 770-588-9380, or visit