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BEIJING, CHINA – DECEMBER 05: A soldier holds a broom in front of a heavy, black tunnel in Pingyao, a historic city in Hebei Province, central China’s Gansu Province on December 5, 2013. To mark the first centuries’ anniversary of the Pingyao Fortress, a set of gateway compartments will be opened in the days to come. Photo by Li JinCheng/AFP/Getty Images


Green Business Journal, the national publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), is giving readers the inside scoop on the best eco-friendly real estate. Don’t miss out on these exciting and easy homes. The benefits include: less energy usage, reduced use of municipal water, reduced energy bills, and cleaner air and water. See the full list at….


The Honduras indigenous Lorian community is about to relocatete with the local Honduran community. The traditional way of life of the Lorian Indians will transfer to the new location on the outskirts of their ancestral town. Sign the petition on and go make friends with your fellow Hondurans who are more indigenous than you are!


China is helping bring the first luxury yachting colony to Cotai, where the Chinese developer plans to bring together the island’s most exclusive resort destination and luxury marina for the mega-wealthy. It’s important to note, however, that the project is not just about yachts, it’s about ports like Anantara’s Canggu, which is a vibrant urban resort in the heart of the city and a key tourism destination in Hong Kong and Macau.


You don’t have to be a car buff to enjoy looking at the amazing art and architecture in the movie set-like yet authentic city of Xiamen, and now there’s a way to see it. Xiamen Motorry Home with Xiamen Soaphire Tour is a five-night, all-inclusive trip to Xiamen, China, with a two-bedroom Xiamen Motorhome in the middle of a seaside park. The trip in a wagons comes with the hire of a motorboat that allows for access to all the city’s unique neighborhoods and art culture. The hotel in the city is like a dream. It has many different restaurants and recreational activities for guests.


In 2006, American readers of Travel and Leisure voted Rainforest Lodge and Spa as one of the most romantic locations in the world. Now, visitors to the site can now get away from it all just by setting up a home in a traditional Dutch-style site called a “poeledsel,” where guests can take in the natural and vibrant atmosphere on a retreat in Jamaica called Raschile. The “coe je” structures are easy on the eye and provide good privacy and running water.


Gamble Garden Tours, founded in Australia in 1959, is now reaching out to the Caribbean, offering guests “experiential travel.” It is installing 52 small houses in the famous Gambler’s Paradise, where you can visit the dozens of unique mini resorts.


At the premiere of Roxanne Yawner’s book, The Escape Artist’s Handbook, her life and work are detailed on the website of the Charles C. Walnut Gallery, which specializes in photography and Asian art. The gallery-wide exhibition at the gallery showcases the collection of works by Roxanne Yawner. Visitors can also download the accompanying book.

In Industry Report, UN Unveils China Lifts One-Stop Checkout, Faces Competition from Worldwide, Finds Hottest Destination

With tourism volumes hitting a predicted record of $1.6 trillion in 2018, the number of international travelers is set to double by 2030, predicts the UN World Tourism Organization.

In its final report of 2018 for a three-year cycle, the UN says “positive political, social and economic signals” in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and China have led to rising spending and accessibility.

Read the full report.

There is increasing demand for local food, more travel to remote countries and heritage and cultural exchanges between people of different cultures. These positive trends are being met by relaxed visa policies in some countries as well as big marketing campaigns to attract tourists from around the world.

Read more about how China plans to take its tourism efforts to a new level.

However, China still requires visitors to register with the Chinese government and apply for a permit to enter. Tourists are now required to apply online.

Many plans are now aimed at attracting visitors from beyond China’s borders.

Read the full story from Discover China.

Discover China is a South Florida-based marketing and travel agency that helps local hotels, resorts, destinations and airlines market their properties and businesses worldwide. Call (888) 313-2537 or visit to make a reservation.

Join the Party: Shanghai’s Low-Maintenance Food

The best is yet to come!

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By Dr. Yu LongXing

Whatever my guide told me, Shanghai’s food scene was awesome. Once you taste the popular congee made from jasmine rice soaked overnight in boiling water, the score for quality and quantity comes out in the 30s. I’ve tried out the best food from the inner-city red-light district in Pudong, the posh alleyways of Zhongshan Park in Xuhui and East Bund and the iconic Shanghai Bund. Shanghai is a delicious mix of national cuisines from all the provinces. So it’s not surprising that its cuisine and dining experience is world-class.

Now, even more exciting is that Shanghai’s culinary culture may only be just beginning. A new culture of “Bunshan” has created an alternative dining culture in Shanghai with young creative chefs bringing home-style cooking to the world, giving Shanghai’s dining scene an even more tropical twist.

So if you’re longing for another style of Chinese cuisine in Shanghai, I hope you’ll get your hands on the book Flavorful Taste: On Food & Culture in China. This is the best guide you’ll ever need for a trip to Shanghai. If you ever have the chance to visit Shanghai, it’s sure to be a taste of heaven! The book is actually my first real guidebook on China and Shanghai was its first publication. In that light, it is even more special. The book features nearly 60 comprehensive and unique food choices, each one accompanied by a vivid introduction from one of Shanghai’s dynamic and exciting food writers.

With a wide and delicious selection of ethnic foods from around China, including Shanghai’s beloved dishes, flavorsome drinks and traditional soups, this is the ultimate guide to authentic Chinese flavors in China’s greatest city.

Make a trip to China and share it with the most important people in your life, like friends and family. Get the book and watch your personal experience in Shanghai change for the better. Don’t forget to make a selfie to remember it!

Buy the book from for $15.74 with free shipping.

Here are five recipes from the book you should get your hands on (during the tour)!

Pair of Jiaozi with Bunsen Ware

Not even the ancient clay pottery of China can rival the intrigue of china in Shanghai. For travelers looking for more than just traditional butchered meats, china is a dazzling way to experience the richness of traditions, especially in Old Shanghai. You can even search for tidbits in the classified ads and chance upon a rare (and exquisitely made) Chinese watercolor Chinese bowl. In the cafe-studded West Bund, porcelain and china can be found all over, especially in the iconic, old-fashioned rice shacks with terra-cotta still just coming to life. Get a table outside. We found a slice of both flavorsome china tradition and jiaozi (traditional Chinese soup) tradition in one bowl. Together, the two features comprise a main course like no other. Perfect! Ingredients: 3 tbsp medium gold-coloured noodles (use pinhead-sized jasmine silk noodles in this dish) 1½ tbsp apple juice 2 tbsp sake 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp peanut oil 2 tbsp ginger-colored soy sauce Salt ¼ tsp Chinese sesame oil

Set the oven temperature to 150° F.

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Stir in the noodles. Reduce the heat to low. Simmer the noodles for 5-10 minutes until just tender. Stir frequently to avoid sticking. Remove the noodles from the water with a slotted spoon. Drain and set aside. In a medium-sized bowl, combine the lime juice, sake, lemon juice, ginger-colored soy sauce, salt and sesame oil. Cover and chill the mixture for 30 minutes.

Cut the noodles into quarter-inch-thick slices. Spread each slice in the bowl with the warm browned mixture. To garnish the bowl, drizzle with more lime juice and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

The Great Wall of China is Terrifying, but the Forbidden City is Awesome

A geometrically beautiful complex the world has never seen, the Forbidden City in Beijing will cost $900 dollars to enter.

Written in Ancient Chinese, the Great Wall of China is China’s most imposing and intriguing feat of engineering, life and perseverance. At 1,000 miles in length, it is a staggering achievement of engineering and labor labor. U.S. T.V, on the other hand, presented the Great Wall as a monolith, rugged and immutable. The Wall was open to artistically huddled masses. Through monument, this monument celebrates the individual.

Founded in 220 BC, the State of Beijing, the Beijing, the Forbidden City is an ancient wonderland of 4,000 buildings dating back from the ancient days of China.

Since the inception of Emperor Ming, the Palace was the focal point of imperial life. Enclosed by walls and pavilions, the walls quickly became surrounding nature for the most prosperous areas of the Empire, with the Empire dominated by Tang and Song dynasties.

Shanghai Story

The Forbidden City, the largest palace in the world, is situated in central Beijing. The northern “city” has seven square miles of man-made buildings including 15,000 odd people whose lives revolve around their obligations to the Emperor in China’s earliest days. This palace complex is where wealth is won and lost, kingdoms are conquered, countries are fought over and political dynasties that would later influence the world.

Experience the Lost City of Xanadu, Picture by Nathan J. Paluck

Needless to say, these fortunate subjects were sheltered from more perilous environments where they could be slaughtered at the first sign of rebellion. This palace was built for over a thousand years and is, as the ancient Chinese put it, the epitome of perfection.

One may hear the millions of Chinese still booming about the things they have achieved, successes that are akin to earthly giants. It may take a little extra effort, but a visit to the Forbidden City is simply impossible to avoid, it’s too authentic, too grand.

After a two hour guided tour, visitors can then grab a small free lunch; a delicious meal of pork hock, rice and bean curd dishes can easily be had for a $7 price tag.

Discover China

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Four Reasons You Should Visit Beijing More

by 2017 Guest Appearance in People’s Daily

China’s capital city Beijing will be hosting some 340 million tourists by 2026. Photo courtesy of Beijing-Guangzhou Photo Central.

Beijing attracts over 40 million international tourists a year. The overall number of such visitors from overseas has reached 2.4 million this year, up around 70 percent from two years ago. But about 60 percent of the city’s population of 22 million is still indoors, due to poor air quality. As such, more public parks are opening to boost outdoor activities.

People’s Daily, the official publication of China’s ruling Communist Party, has put together a series of articles by its writers to keep visitors updated on Beijing’s latest political and cultural scene as well as sports.

Less Is More

The number of taxi drivers in Beijing has surged from about 8,500 in 2002 to more than 36,000 today. Image courtesy of Hwa Tintu Kuane,

Beijing Taxi Owners Union (BCO) is a grassroots organization that seeks to protect the interests of taxi drivers and their work conditions.

This year, the association has managed to persuade the Beijing government to hold a series of arbitration meetings with taxi drivers, giving more opportunities for taxis and their drivers to air their grievances.

The dispute, in which an estimated two million taxi drivers participated, led to a high level of trust between taxi drivers and the association.

“Our central organization is not a labor union, it is a private organization, meaning it’s at a bottom-up level,” BCO member Duan Zhengjie said.

“We have a different model than other labor unions in China. In our union, the members are the workers, and we don’t interfere with their personal lives,” BCO Chairman Li Lingsong said.

“The five-day meeting helped alleviate the worries of many taxi drivers about their incomes and the quality of their labor,” Li said.

“Despite how good is the dialogue that taxis and the association have had recently, I don’t know if our union members can make more demands from the Beijing government to regulate the number of taxis in the city, or how many taxi drivers will still turn to us.”

Visit Beijing Go Ahead

Beijing BIO and Cambridge Education Training (CET) both aim to produce the next generation of high school graduates who have solid academic and economic backgrounds.

CET is China’s first private, nonprofit private university that was set up to spread knowledge and education for the youths, as well as nurture a good job culture.

The university offers courses in medical sciences, engineering, communication and business.

CET students are offered financial aid for postgraduate education in Britain, and some have gained visa passes to enter the country. “For our country, it is not true that only those from well-off families can attend this university,” said Professor Zhao Di, President of CET.

Meanwhile, the Beijing Yucheng Academy is China’s leading higher educational institution that offers a series of new postgraduate courses in science, technology, the arts and management.

Every year, Beijing Yucheng University engages in outreach events involving big companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and banks, to attract high school graduates to participate in its academic program.

Li Dahua, a third-year graduate student, who graduated from Beijing Yucheng this year, said, “I’ve participated in this outreach program ever since it began in 2016. I was attracted to it by the vibrant atmosphere, the high-level learning process and the wide variety of topics covered.”

“If I were to accept jobs overseas, this university would definitely be the source of my biggest joy,” Li said.

How to Plan a Photo-Tastic Trip to China

I’ve always believed that a seasoned traveler appreciates and grows so much through his/her travels that in the end, he/she will reflect an old sense of contentment and fulfillment through having explored his/her world (even if the journey took years). The only possible exception would be if the traveler is still super serious about the goal and timeline he or she has set for taking that voyage.

But at the end of the day, I think that seeing the best and worst of another culture, however disparate, holds a wealth of experience and knowledge that is unparalleled for people who have never been that far from home.

If you’re serious about this quest or want to go further afield, I suggest consulting The China Travel Guide, an ultimate guide for a first-time traveler to China, in all its richness and ubiquity. Largest written guidebook ever written, it dives deep into the world of Chinese culture, history, and lifestyle while providing a hands-on solution for on-the-ground travel and trade.

The voice is particularly affable, accessible, and fun, and the vibrant artwork breathes with a unique and vivid sense of Beijing and Shanghai, respectively. And just when you find yourself wondering whether any authentic Chinese cuisine was served in said restaurant, it informs you that there are literally thousands of eateries in Beijing alone, all with their own own unique fare.

The essays and features have destinations of over 100 places, with lively interviews and anecdotes in each section. A tasting menu — read the whole book in one sitting! — costs nothing, but the entry for Hong Kong is totally worth it.

There are topics ranging from transportation, destinations, cuisine, and drink, travel segments, and business and finance. There are some 600 photos and 2,000-plus illustrations, and even a sidebar section featuring China-focused articles from USA Today and Business Insider (which will be soon to be replaced by Forbes).

What makes this guide so worth the time investment is how thoughtful and balanced it is. The authors don’t underestimate the challenges involved, but they also do not shy away from revealing the pitfalls. No matter where you go, I guarantee that your travels will be marked by moments of genuine delight, as well as moments of wrenching difficulty. And from the beginning of each chapter, this guide will fully open up your mind and allow you to broaden your perspective on the world around you.

4 Must-visit destinations in China in June 2019

Want to have a summer vacation of a lifetime? The magic of Chinese travel makes it simple to choose a destination and take the right trip to China. There are plenty of great summer destinations in China that are full of exciting sights, great culture, and scenic natural features. And travel experiences can be customized to suit travelers’ interests and preferences.

The Mandarin Chinese language is the foundation of all Chinese language travel experiences. From travel guidebooks to travel apps to exhibitions, even China’s own museums and monuments, these resources can help travelers stay within budget and in style. Even without a Mandarin passport, it’s simple to take pictures in China. You just need a mobile phone or an app that supports Chinese character recording and translation.

4 Must-visit destinations in China in June 2019

China is a country with tons of amazing attractions, and there are lots of local intangibles and activities that make visiting one of the great destinations for tourists. Here are 4 destinations to visit in June 2019:

1. Beijing-Jinan Railway Station in Beijing

Located in Beijing, this train station is a main attraction for sightseers. It is well known for its scenic environment, and is definitely worth exploring. Once you’ve made your way through the station, take a look at its architectural history. The “What Were They Thinking?” exhibition is currently running to teach you about certain historic elements of Beijing. After you’ve visited it, take a stroll through the Chinese National Museum. Located in Beijing, it is the most important historical Chinese museum in the world and with over 100,000 artifacts, it is worth visiting. For a final opportunity to explore Beijing’s history, take a two-hour China Soaring Aerial Tour with SkyPeacepaer to make the most of the helicopter views.

2. Dunhuang

Dunhuang is home to four legendary Chinese legends. This ancient city is visited by millions of tourists each year, including those who just want to observe the huge cattle market and watch the majestic feudal architecture. For those looking for something more, Dunhuang is the perfect place to visit during summer season. Check out the Dunhuang Temple, a local shrines, or the public square to see picturesque scenes and enjoy the scenic sites. The art of Chinese calligraphy is one of the most popular ways to learn Chinese. No matter how you learn, visit the Dunhuang Traditional Calligraphy Museum to see traditional calligraphy from ancient, as well as from various contemporary art studios.

3. Yunnan Province

Yunnan is considered as one of the largest green lands in the world, making it a desirable place to visit. The resort spots there range from small volcanoes to incredible natural beauty. In addition to the beauty, the language and cuisine are also very unique. The only yellow lake in Central Asia, Shijiazhuang Lake is one of the warmest spots in the country and is definitely worth seeing. Or for a bird’s eye view of Yunnan’s landscapes, visit Mount Phoenix and experience the breathtaking views.

4. Xianhui River

If you are inspired by the national park in Yunnan, you can also experience the river and adventure tourism in Yunnan’s other lands. Xianhui River’s variety of water fun offers exhilarating scenery and allows you to experience the great history of Xianhui. Visit the water park which offers various waterslides and rides. Look for tents from ancient times and marvel at the picturesque scenery during summer.

China has a lot of famous attractions, including these five:

Many visitors don’t know that there are billions of lovely charms waiting in China. The best part about China is that most of the attractions are world famous. To learn more about these places, visit the Chinese website or download the app at your favorite app store. Take advantage of China’s convenient visa requirements and learn the beautiful stories of Chinese culture and visit them as a tourist.

Singapore Offers Comfort to the Guests for a Pro-Active Holiday Season

Whether you are on a work trip or an expensive vacation, Singapore comes in handy for the holiday season. The world’s oldest Christian city-state can keep many a horticulturalist occupied for four weeks. Although Singapore provides a very satisfactory travel package, it does come with its share of budget-friendly options.

Best Infrastructure

Singapore comes as close to a two-way rail link as we can get today. If you are carrying around a huge amount of luggage and simply need to keep moving for a while, Singapore is your perfect stopover. Tickets and fare cards are accepted on both public and private trains and trains are cheaper than the rest of the world. Making an overnight journey costs approximately USD $60 and it takes about 7-8 hours to reach the midway point. When on the road, bring along a refillable bottle to fill your car’s water dispenser for a 5 dollar fee. One does not need a licence to get a car on the road in Singapore, but when you are parked your car for an extended period of time, you will have to pay a daily fee of $14.

Exciting Theater and the Arts

Singapore has a lot to offer the art enthusiasts. One may visit galleries of the National Arts Council and enjoy their exhibitions during the festival period. As an added bonus, some of the famous galleries located in major cities will provide you with discounts on your art work, prints, or artwork during the festival period. You can even book a spectacular visit to the famed artwork districts known as The Orchard or The Financial Central – Fort Canning. The cinemas located in those areas offer discounts and special packages, and the experience will be every bit worth the expense. See

Fees and Taxes

During the tourist season, Singapore taxes and charges for goods and services to the tune of approximately USD 20.50. Access to the National Heritage Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Transport and Aviation will set you back approximately $5.90. All you need to do to welcome a sealed gift worth USD $3.00 is to be at the ‘Door of Admission’.


Faced with a limited selection of accommodation options, hotels in Singapore offers a wide range of options to accommodate every need. You may choose to enjoy some of the beaches, or stay in hotels located in the more populated areas. A festive escape to one of the most popular islands, the Orchard Road, may be the best strategy here.

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Xi’an, Cultural Capital of China: An Epoch Times Travel Blog

Major weekdays, I’m off to Xi’an, central China. After leaving Shanghai I take the plane to Xi’an, sleep on a small bed in a dorm, and hop a train. The train cars have a wonderful view of the Qin River and Ai River. On my way to Xi’an I buy new boots at a flea market and wrap them around my feet, ready for the rodeo riding feeling of my riding school career when I return.

I find this city to be quite central. The trails go west from Xi’an, and running north from Xi’an, the Terracotta Army is walked from the city center into the mountains of Jiuzhaigou. I spend about 3 days there on my way back. I’m curious to see why the Chinese call the “Vale of Terracotta” the “golden relics.” For me, it’s a great symbol for the sacrifices that the Chinese made in 1914, when over 100,000 male humans were baked in the earth in perpetuity, to celebrate the resurrection of the gods.

Besides the luxury history and dinosaur hunters, Xi’an is a great city for entertainment, culture, food, and shopping. It’s a modern industrial city on the banks of the River Qi. It has a very modern area that is a bridge to the past, and a zone of winding and twisting streets that symbolize the old.

I discovered that pictures of the Terracotta Army have been seen everywhere. I was really confused by the guidebooks for the Terracotta Army that use angles. How can they use angles? The Times Square corner where we bought our tickets for my husband was also a bookstore and souvenir store. When we got to the front doors of the store, we left our wallets in a pail so they wouldn’t be sniffed by souvenir hawkers. As it turned out, the only tickets left were for trips to the Imperial Hospital museum, but on my visit I didn’t get past security and had to leave my wallet on the street. If we found a new “location free” passport the only places you can stay and not be an “ostentatious tourist” are in the Museum of the Terracotta Army.

Xi’an is a good place to travel if you want to know about China’s history, but don’t want to be intimidated by the Chinese. Then, if you can find some rolling hills on the Terracotta Army trail to ride, rides are better. When I was 10, my mother insisted that I leave my hair in a roll and set it on fire to make it look like a rock.

Here are a few tips to help you visit the Terracotta Army in Xi’an.

Run properly on the city roads of Xi’an. An advanced pedestrian is advised to try to run fast along the city streets but not in the lanes with wide signs that tell you to slow down. You don’t want to run over someone when you brake suddenly. Walking at a sedate pace helps you take in more of the city’s sights and doesn’t impede traffic. Also, pay attention to drive instructors. There is a tremendous amount of metal digging around, but many drivers and instructors don’t recognize the pitiful pitiful crustaceans. You don’t want to get behind the wheel of a truck or a bus at around 4 in the afternoon to see the cockfights. You don’t want to get stuck driving your car around gauntlet fields or pavilions because of abandoned cars or overgrown trees. Parking is a luxury at several of the attractions that surround the Terracotta Army. The tickets were very expensive, but parking was inexpensive.The Terracotta Army tours in Xi’an are very advanced. You need to have good language skills, because there are a lot of people who don’t understand the Chinese. It’s a great education in social psychology in how people communicate.

The most important to remember is that the Terracotta Army was made to be seen. Try to pay attention and stay on course. You may think that you have met the guardian of the Terracotta Army, but you haven’t yet.

Continue reading.

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Shanghai Where I Grow Tea for One

10 Exciting Experiences in China for New Year

Foreign tourists to China – it is said that the sea is open to everybody, everywhere. It’s said also that the visitor can even touch the Hangzhou Fire Tower, and its famed 822-meter-high tower with red-and-blue lighting.

During the New Year holidays, during several months of February-May, it is speculated the landmarks that we see all over the world can be visited in China.

Below, we list 10 experiences in China that will be in all the world’s books at the New Year.

1) Chun Qi Temple, Shangri-La Tianfu: Being as the modern era is saying a giant transformation was happening all around the globe, a big and modern attraction became the Palace of the Dragon. “Cooldown” came in the end, and the great “ancient Qin dynasty” was rekindled. To ensure that great memories are rekindled, the Grand Hotel Shangri-La Tianfu, a 5-star, award-winning hotel in Chaoyang District of Hangzhou city has opened the Chun Qi Temple.

2) Dinosaur University, Beijing: You can reach a place where 40 different species of dinosaurs have been discovered: Dinosaur University

3) World Tour, Hangzhou: This tourist attraction, where over 45,000 tour guides are trained by global consulting company, Partners Travel, is dedicated to providing the latest in travel services. Through life-long learning, tour guides will learn the newest in travel & tourism technology.

4) Hizong International Plaza with Oriental Art Institute, Hangzhou: Located at the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Hizong International Plaza, Oriental Art Institute of Hangzhou has the highest up-to-date art schools in the country.

5) Hongkou Letidiania Center, Hangzhou: The beautifully designed Hongkou Letidiania Center has three levels with five-star eateries. It also has a “China First Hotel” within the complex with best accommodations in the city.

6) Media Tourism Center, Beijing: with this media center, it is estimated that a lot of the tourists will come to media tourist area to view motion photos, films, Chinese dramas, and plays on screen. It is the first-of-its-kind of this kind in the world.

7) The Great Wall, Gansu: It is a longer than the Great Wall of Great Britain. Great Wall of China has the highest height of 1842 meters. The Gansu Great Wall is built to 500 meters high, occupying 11,600 acres of land.

8) China-France Open Air Museum, Beijing: Stunning, beautiful, beautiful. It is the first-of-its-kind in China, serving as an extension of the biggest field in China, the “Dragon’s Gate,” where it is offering the most varied and comprehensive overview of Chinese culture and artifacts’ external links to the rest of the world.

9) Waterloo Bridge, Hangzhou: Located near Grand Hotel Hangzhou, this attraction supports over 30 meters of bridge.

10) Beijing Silk River, Hangzhou: This project that was first developed in 2009, this attraction was expected to go the world’s best tourism destination in two years or so.