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by Tabora Holland ~ – International traveler and travel enthusiast Tabora Holland provides many great tips and holiday travel packages during this travel season. Tabora Holland is the author of ‘Beyond Endless City’ and ‘My Travel Memoir: When Travel Became My Life,’ in which she shares personal stories of eating ramen and visiting rock climbers and more in the small town of Linköping, Sweden.

Hungry for more travel tips? If you can think about new destinations to explore and the steps that you will take, your travel experience can become fantastic. We have all heard that travel is not a destination but a journey, so what are some ways in which your adventure can be enhanced?

Cultural Enriched Country China – Eye Catching Travel Destinations

1. Make a plan

Planning a big trip is not difficult. People traveling in the USA take many public transportation systems to get around to visit major cities like NYC, D.C., Chicago, Chicago, and Detroit. We will share several suggestions on how to enjoy traveling through public transportation.

Plan a course of travel and find a school of thought so you can adapt your travel experience to how you see yourself. Evaluate the right destination to visit and your plans should take into account these considerations.

2. Travel with a group

Group travel is a great way for experienced travelers to share their experience and make friends with other travelers who are traveling the same way. This is definitely a good and great experience.

To find a school of thought for traveling you can try to locate popular travel forums of renowned globetrotters and create a travel plan with a group of travelers.

As some of you may have experienced this in your travels, travel is like a magical place that draws you in to explore and find out more. Traveling with a group is an awesome way to share the experience.

Tabora Holland

3. Eat and drink your way through

It is not the important how much you eat, but it is very important how much you consume. It is really important to be healthy so you know what you should eat and the types of food to enjoy and drink.

Try to travel eating local foods. Look for small restaurants and small markets and small table eating. As for shopping, open your pocket book and look for street vendor’s bags. When this is your only choice, you will not waste time and effort in shopping.

Eat your way around the city as it can be a fun. Drink local beverages and beer. Snack on fresh fruit and fruit juices.

Cultural Enriched Country China – Eye Catching Travel Destinations

4. Choose a new trip to stay close to home

Many years ago we left our jobs for life-long travels in far places, but now we would like to travel closer to home. However, a trip close to home is still an adventure because you will get to spend time with your friends and loved ones.

We would like to recommend that you can create some plans for your next travel adventure. There are so many airports and hotels throughout the country where you can book your stay. Try and plan a few vacation days to go back home and do different activities and things you would like to see.

We are also not recommending that you take a long vacation, because you can do that after you have returned to your job in your town. But planning a quick vacation each year may be a good plan because it really helps to relax.

Tabora Holland

5. Go out of your usual high stress city

Experience city life through separate activities outside of high stress areas.

Visit a local restaurant and learn about what is on the menu. Visit a bookstore where you will discover books with unique and interesting covers and features. Join a tour company and learn more about a museum and other experiences which may not be there on the ordinary high stress tour.

Recently the government has started a program to promote happiness and that will give you more time to focus on the sights and experiences. Also, travel companies have started to provide leisure travel services.

Another important factor is that you can get local gifts from the streets. Ask the store owners and people around to bring you some gifts and souvenirs.

Cultural Enriched Country China – Eye Catching Travel Destinations


On September 15, 1971, Neil Armstrong made one of the most epic, unforgettable, earth-shattering, earth-breaking, earth-shattering, inarguably life-changing, life-changing moments in human history with his historic moon walk. To mark the landmark achievement, the Chinese government decreed a moon ceremony in 1974 for all moon-watchers around the world. But, despite these celebrations, China had been making a push for manned space exploration for some time. It took NASA ten years to reach the moon after Japan set foot there first.

In the 1970s, as the USSR began to edge ahead of the US, Chinese engineers developed equipment such as unmanned rockets and test bases. But the country’s eyes were first focused on the moon. On October 21, 1977, the Chinese Chang’e-I and Chang’e-II spacecraft, consisting of two, lightweight landers and orbiters, became the first two spacecraft to touch down on the moon’s surface, safely returning unprecedented data from within and beyond it, and reigniting the country’s fascination with its lunar sandbox.

Just 40 years later, the same track can be seen as China begins to intensify its pursuit of the moon as its top space goal. China’s new Chang’e-III lunar lander – it named after a rooster – is the furthest-along of all. It became the first government satellite to return samples from the moon last summer. With support from Russia and India, China is also working towards using a robo-lander on a manned mission.

Today, we celebrate the moon, and China, and the hope that these bold and dramatic milestones will inspire the next generation of China’s global leaders to reach for the stars and create incredible feats of modern technology.

Neighborhood-class house on a large tract of land; Was this a plane crash?

Written by Michelle Mosconi, Beaverbrook, ON

5:00 am: Technicians are inspecting drones that may be used to inspect the new Beijing Airport.

4:30 am: After a long nap, Jack, who has worked all night on the project, is awoken by a colleague who explains that the drone program is up and running.

8:00 am: A joint operation team has installed a small drone, which can operate indoors. A video monitor shows an empty room with a wall of brick, seemingly very quiet.

8:40 am: A small group of workers has access to a WiFi signal, taking photos, playing music and talking together.

9:30 am: A small drone takes off from a bucket placed on the fence.

10:00 am: Air traffic controllers confirm that all flights should continue to land at the new airport.

11:00 am: A motorcycle taxis with a stepstool on the seat arrives.

12:30 pm: Airport workers carry out inspection on the stepstool.

1:15 pm: A truck passes by picking up parts of a stepstool.

2:00 pm: A car parks itself behind a motorcycle.

2:45 pm: A special video screen shows an update on flights.

3:00 pm: A helicopter is seen flying through the bright sky.

3:30 pm: A car makes a short ride.

4:00 pm: Two groups of laborers enter an apartment that is on the only floor visible.

4:20 pm: Electronics are hung from the ceiling.

4:30 pm: Men carry out laying of brick.

4:50 pm: A bus is seen driving through the town.

5:30 pm: A private plane arrives.

6:00 pm: A men’s clothing store is seen in the plaza.

6:10 pm: A man’s clothing store is seen in the plaza.

6:20 pm: Woman’s shoe store is seen in the plaza.

6:40 pm: A car park is seen.

6:55 pm: Hair salon is seen in the plaza.

7:00 pm: A woman’s clothing store is seen in the plaza.

7:30 pm: A film crew arrives to film the first flight.

Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting China

This foreign country will entice you in a few different ways, but generally speaking, there are a number of things that you need to know about visiting China. One of the more important things you need to understand is to visit the country at the same time of year that it’s most popular. November and December are the months that Chinese people most enjoy traveling to the country. This is why more than 1.5 million people travel from the United States to China every year for the important holiday periods: National Day, Children’s Day, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. But if you are planning to visit in the next few months, make sure you are going to China during the most popular periods so that you can enjoy the tourist attractions and holidays at their best.

What You Should Expect to See Before Leaving the United States

If you have made plans to travel to China in 2019, before you leave you should prepare yourself. The United States has an extensive network of visa and tourist services, and most of them charge a high number of dollars. This is because they have to pay an amount to have their documents renewed in order to remain in the country, and as such they cannot afford to lose their documents. They are also willing to waive processing fees and visa fees to be used for other purposes, making it possible for you to pay a lower fee if you do not want to travel by air. One of the best ways to get to know your way around a tourist destination in China is to visit the Website of the Department of State: Although you should be careful when you visit the website of the U.S. Department of State because of sensitive information, the Website should be able to help you with anything you need to know about being a tourist in China.

In order to prepare yourself for a visit to China, it is important to purchase visas from a competent travel agency that has direct experience. There are many legitimate travel agencies to choose from in the United States, but most of them cannot guarantee you the travel documents that you need to visit China. For this reason, a specific visa may be the only way you can get the document that you need to stay in China. Alternatively, you may make a photocopy of your passport, which is even better, but the cost for this must be prepared prior to traveling.

Know the Security Procedures in China

Security procedures in China are similar to those in other popular tourist destinations, and will typically involve providing a valid passport or some other identification before you are allowed to enter the country. The process can be expedited for people who are willing to pay extra for the services offered, such as by buying hotel blocks (tourism points), but this is only the case for hotels that are in possession of visas from the China. If you travel within the United States, you do not need to apply for any kind of travel documents at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Additionally, if you do not have a valid passport, you can pay for a token with the Embassy to help you get a new passport. Once you have a valid passport, visa and visa waiver, you can enter the country legally.

Know the Don’ts

As a visitor to China, you should know that the country has strict regulations in place to ensure the safety of its citizens and visitors, and these rules apply to anyone who has the intention of gaining entry to the country, be it tourists or the general public. Any attempts to gain entry to China on a lark will result in being denied entry or barred from entry, and in most cases, you will be penalized with hefty fees, as well as the opportunity to face harsher penalties if you are caught doing any of the banned activities. This also applies to large corporations such as companies with their own offices, which are subject to these policies.

There are many facilities in China for the protection of the public such as police stations and border control. If you find yourself in these facilities and are held by the security officers, you will be given an additional form of identification and receipts in order to be allowed to leave without a ticket. It is important to be cautious as to how you walk from one place to another as this could end up as a potential risk for the company you work for, the customers you meet, and everyone else that you come in contact with.

Make the Most of Your China Trip

If you are planning to visit China, you should think about getting to know your way around the country as there are certain ways that you can begin the journey before you leave. One is to visit the University of Massachusetts in China where there are a number of guides who can assist you with exploring the country. The University of Massachusetts in China offers tours to the province of Tianjin, which offers fantastic shops and attractions with the perfect backdrop for a day trip. But be careful

A visit to The Wah Tea House: Evolution of a famous Chinatown

This was a place when we visited for the first time, and it’s one of the most famous tourist destinations in China (and maybe even the world). It’s called The Wah Tea House. That’s right – in a country known for exporting so much – we could only find in this area a place dedicated to the world’s second most consumed beverage (after tea, of course). You could spend all day asking about its history – and this place has a nifty story about that too! However, without going through all of that, I’m going to focus on what it means for a tourist visit, and talk about trying it.

What makes a street famous is that its history has been extensively researched, and then developed into a unique and visual narrative. In China, this story has a lot to do with the country’s tumultuous and history-filled lives, its shifting regional and provincial influences, and its often tumultuous relationships with foreign countries. Sometimes, there are other histories to draw from – like cultural and traditions – to help tell that story better.

The story of The Wah Tea House goes back to 1906, when the name was given to the area’s bathhouse by its founder as an homage to his then-favorite beverage, the thirsty Chinese staple that “Mayshah” is still called today. The story is told on the restaurant’s website – but, again, it has a lot to do with its history. One person’s drinking history is another person’s “can you taste that,” and what’s on my blog is just that. What I’m going to tell you is if this is a pilgrimage you want to make, and it would be nice to take this route, then you’re going to need to plan an itinerary of a good seven days. Plan to check into the hotel in Xi’an city, and there are train and bus service to Xi’an University.

You’ll want to head out before 7:00 a.m. For one thing, the train departs early in the morning and arrives at Xi’an University in just an hour, so you can have a caffeine fix before you head off to the tea house. And, beyond that, it’s just a chance to drink tea, and you probably won’t be waiting for long (the Wah Tea House is busiest in the middle of the day). If you’re going to try this type of tea house, it would be a good way to do it without an overabundance of other visitors – in fact, you might be in for a pretty unique experience! And with more people coming this spring, it might be a time to really experience this street properly!

The Wah Tea House is located in the Heilan Wai (old town), right next to the Yinghot Buddhist Temple and right outside the gates of the University of Xi’an. The shops and cafes lining the street help make this a popular place for tourists to visit.

How to Enter: You can enter the area without actually spending money at the Wah Tea House by making a reservation at one of the established stops nearby. On your way in, you’ll need to pass through a series of merchant shops – many of which were started in the 1800s, and probably inspired by the well-respected Hanling Shui Art Shop nearby. These stop include Bumjackay and Fair Count, two shops that specialise in Shaolin, the famous martial art. You’ll also find an excellent assortment of handicrafts and quilts, not to mention one of the best betstos in town.

Whether you’re on your way to a long weekend break in China, or just planning for the next big trip, the Wah Tea House is a great place to visit – especially for that first visit and to get started your pilgrimage of a pilgrimage to the Chinese region!

For more ideas, check out my blog below: http://blondeabroad.blogspo…

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How to Have a Smooth Trip in China

Travelling to China is one of the ultimate ways to get a cultural education. With over 400 million people, the Chinese are not only one of the largest and most popular tourism destinations in the world, but they also had an impressive performance in the Beijing Olympics this summer. With more than 700 million people going to the shops and restaurants everyday, the locals are so knowledgeable that you will leave feeling part of their family and culture. Having grown up in a Western culture, I think the first time traveling to China is always the most challenging. Here are a few tips on how to have a smooth trip.

Eat Together In A Restaurant

In the Western world, the dining experience is set up in a way to start with a special vegetarian dish and end with more decadent options. In China, the dinner table is set up in a different way. Any special dishes are your one time special, and then it’s up to you to decide how you can save for the appetizers, soups and entrées. If you can afford to, try to eat out in a restaurant with a couple of your compatriots and see what kind of meal you can make from the dinner menu. Don’t be afraid to ask around about the prices for quality options. A few dollars extra is almost a small price to pay for the most authentic eating experience. If you can’t make it out for dinner, then either you can always grab some rice with your dinner and enjoy a bowl of tea at the local restaurant or enjoy some dim sum. The best part is they don’t even try to charge you any extra for eating rice with your dinner.

Learn Cantonese

Cantonese is such a fascinating language that you can really feel the culture with each word you hear. You can do so by learning the basics like saying 薄葜村均 and 票被司我参说 before you speak it. You can also learn of the songs, dances and Chinese poetry. Know that this language is seen as a little bit difficult and that’s why it has forayed into having academies to help people. People want to hear just how to say “Welcome”, “Ta La La”, “Wang Fu”, “Ji La La” and even “Ai Ning Ju”. Don’t try to speak the entire language while you are walking around, however, it helps to get a sense of the culture while in Beijing and Shanghai.

Shop In China

I have always wanted to be a shopaholic. However, the process of buying things has been both terrifying and exciting in China. When purchasing something, you have to navigate your way through Hong Kong stores, shops and malls that provide antiques and local curios. I find myself always asking when the next supplies are in the door because not everything has a clearance sale. The goods in China are truly incredible, so if you can then go home and begin shopping for your family you will be ahead of the game.

Make Sure You Know When To Go To Church

Unlike most parts of the world, the service in Beijing is a week long and lasts longer because of the large crowds. The number of worshippers within a single service can be over 2,000 and most people feel they are surrounded by family when they are in Beijing. Going to the church is not about the preaching or telling people about Jesus, but about simply being able to unite with family and companions who all wanted to be there as well. The thing I always knew to watch for were crowds in the entrance and out the back door. This is where people are hustling and fighting to get inside the church in order to say a prayer. It’s important to find out the time of services to avoid the hustle and bustle. Also, since the people work all day for prices that are impossible to obtain in the West, you can’t just expect the church to remain free all day. Prepare to pick up a bit of currency to start your experience. The churches are accessible to most people because they are everywhere, but making sure you bring something inside and have something to put on top of your head is the best way to start with. There are no expensive souvenirs from China, so save that for after you have departed.

Enjoy the journey to China in 2020

By Jude Toyat


To mark the upcoming 20th anniversary of state construction, China is planning to host the Beijing 2022 Summer Olympics.

According to information from the Chinese government, according to the official website of the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the athletes, coaches, volunteers, support staff, and spectators to the Games will be welcomed with “delightful hospitality, a picturesque destination, and magnificent scenery.”

Among the major venues for the Games will be the main stadium at the National Stadium of the Beijing Beijing Sports Culture and New Art City at East Nanjing 101, Aquatics Centre ‘Lisbon’ at Railway Sports Center at South Nanjing, 10 venues in Beijing South Town in Beijing South Huaihai Avenue at Tonglin Street, five venues in Beijing North Town of Dongbanese Village and Far Mountain Village at Luoqiao Train Station, and two venues for Basketball Arena Beijing North Town and Basketball Arena Ningbo South Town.

Though the construction of all the venues in China is underway, access to the venues in China will be granted only after March 2019.

Despite the construction, most of the venues will be ready for the games which are scheduled to be held on September 17, 2022 through to October 6, 2022. The Games are open to participating countries and international organisations.

For those intending to attend the 20th anniversary of the Republic of China in 2020, Discover China Malaysia (DCM) and Malaysian pavilion at the 47th International Expo Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong from October 31 to November 8, 2020 will have three ‘straight’ travel tips to help them choose the right Malaysian Airline, Homebase store and Chinese Shop.

The five reasons to visit China in 2020 include an event to watch the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the soon-to-open new Changsha financial zone, a top attraction at Zhoushan Railway Hospitality Travel District, Taihu Lake Lake Provincial Park, and a Chinese Village at Hong Kong.

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Learn To Hike & Ride Mountain Bikes In The Great Wall Of China

More and more of us are planning to get our kids involved in mountain sports. It’s a great opportunity for learning. Mountain biking is a great skill to teach them as it is such a fun activity and has a great big payoff.

Starting young is very helpful if you want them to be completely okay taking risks. Mountain biking has a great in effect due to the things you can learn. As you get better at mountain biking you get better at other things.

There are even other activities you can do with bikes, such as watching the ocean, or exploring the mountains of Mexico with some mountain biking. Most mountain bike instructors will encourage you to bring a friend or a family member with you to help you work on specific skills or parts of your technique and try to save some time in the long run.

One of the best places to practice hiking and biking, that is associated with China, is the Great Wall of China. Recently, there are things being done to preserve this amazing structure. Three important things that you need to bring are water, sunscreen, and a good pack.

The Great Wall of China can be very challenging and takes a lot of know-how to navigate along. The guide to China at Euromonitor suggests doing everything in small increments and to remain calm. They suggest a strategy that you practice before going on the actual trip.

One tip is to find a route that has a nice uphill section to start with and a good downhill section. You can build up from there as you progress in the hike. For a quicker trip, you can use the walkways inside the Great Wall. All of the tour information was very helpful.

Other tips include taking some non-salty products and eating a lot of water. You might also wish to pack a sleeping bag and some extra clothes since it is cold inside the Great Wall.

Another tip is to wear a helmet or some type of helmet with protection on it and to use a good headlamp. To protect your skin, all of the hot stones (available in China) are soaked with water in order to get rid of the allergen.

A fun way to add to the adventure is to go with a “big cats” like a tiger, or maybe even a leopard. These wild cats are a bit more dangerous and unpredictable. They are a good way to introduce the kids to a very impressive natural site.

While it is fun to experience the Great Wall of China, it is important to pay attention to the rules and regulations. Children younger than 12 are not allowed to ride on the Great Wall. This seems very dangerous as it doesn’t seem like the site is meant for children.

The Wall in Beijing, the most significant part of the historic site, has been on the southern part of the Great Wall because of the humid climate in Beijing. The north portion has always been in the cooler and wetter location. Mounting the mountain ridges will help you explore the hills and mountains.

You can visit all of the sites in the area if you get a ticket to the Legos of the Wall tour or head to the Legos of the Great Wall tour website and purchase a ticket. You can also purchase a room or car rental through a group bookings site such as

Of course, many of us don’t have the time to spend hiking or riding the Great Wall of China, so we can visit the Great Wall of China virtual reality video while we are waiting for a chance to go. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the lotus flower is shown on many of the famous trails at the Great Wall.


Learn How NOT to Do Anything in China

Happy holidays! We’re not just talking about everyone partying like it’s Christmas here, as so many media outlets are blaring headlines and boasting of the “Best Christmas Shopping Streets in China.” Thanks to our Xinhuanet colleagues for the special holiday gift: The top nine things NOT to do in China.

These are not the things you’ll find on any travel itinerary you’ll find anytime soon. Of course, the intentions behind them are pretty much self-explanatory:

– Don’t travel with kids because they might melt down in an Uber car.

– Don’t wonder if building something monumentally large might do something to the social compact in China.

– And don’t even think about trying the food at any of these picnic spots.

However, you might find the truth more disturbing, as the trendsetters of China were slapped down and told: “Can’t do.” Then, in the most unofficial way, they got some attention they needed. The next day, the cultural influencers started deleting the nine items from their own social networks. And suddenly, a movement of dissent had started.

In the end, the best thing you can do for the First and Second Placemates of China (Happy New Year!) is always be safe. But also, please enjoy China.

China 2019: Basic Tips For Traveling There

June Zhang/ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

April 20, 2017 (ChinaWatches) — An overwhelming number of Chinese citizens have accumulated enough wealth to make them need to travel to other countries — both financial and cultural. This is due to their large savings accounts accumulated through labor. It’s also a great opportunity for China to make good things happen when it comes to foreign tourism. This is because people are becoming a more patient and open to changes. Thus, we suggest practical financial tips for traveling to China in 2019 that will not only help you get better travel terms, but also can also build your relations with locals and diversify your travel experience.

Different flavors of Chinese travel tours

Most international tour operators offer Chinese tour packages to Europe and America that target the high-income, successful people. On the other hand, tour companies in China offer opportunities for people with low or no income. However, you should keep in mind that economic standards in China differ greatly from one region to another. Thus, it is important to choose the right tour operators based on specific geographic regions and dialects.

For instance, travelers of Lower Yangtze in Southwest China can travel on the Jinhe River Cam by water cruise, which is at least a 20-day trip. Another option is Yunnan’s Xiangshan Waterfall Tour which lasts about 30 days. Hebei (also known as Hebei province), also has its own special type of water tour that is called a river city tour. A highlight of this tour is the Baoding Liji Temple. Because of its difficulty, this is a high-priced tour that lasts about 30 days.

For those who cannot afford this high cost, a seven-day tour in Beijing and Hebei is also a good option. It will definitely help you to reach places you can’t reach using your own private cars or train, but you will have to economize and save quite a bit of money.

But it is important to realize that travelers who don’t have much money usually do not need to travel. Nonetheless, with a little additional effort, you can learn how to travel safely and comfortably. To decrease the chances of accidents and make sure you arrive safely at your destination, there are five detailed tips that can help you become a more informed, peaceful, and confident traveler.

Be connected and prepared

1. Have your ID card with you while traveling. It is important to have identification in case you get lost, especially in rural areas. Most Chinese people are very very chatty and open to helping one another. If you are alone, a caring, long-haired, respectful stranger could be a huge help. You should not be afraid of strangers, just be polite and concerned about your safety.

2. Go with an experienced traveler. Be with someone who can speak the language and knows a lot about your destination. At the same time, be nice to everyone and not forget that the locals will be more enthusiastic to help you in a time of need.

3. Avoid going off the beaten path and avoid driving in your car because it is very dangerous. A foreigner’s car might get hacked and your money could get stolen, which is why you should carry and not push your luggage.

4. Examine the local weather conditions, season, and present food culture carefully. After going through Google’s map of Beijing, you will notice that winter temperatures in China’s capital start to cool down towards the beginning of November. Therefore, it is advisable to save your money and go to Chinese cities in March or April.

5. Check with the local authorities before you travel. Do not just take the answer at face value and believe everything the guide says. Ask for his name and city and arrange personal information such as a photo before you leave.

Taxes and other fees you should pay

Some countries ask for travelers’ contributions at different time frames. They often charge a fee to return baggage, visa, birth certificates, and permit requirements to enter. Then there are various other fees that are not mentioned by the official. Since China has been operating a unified air ticket tax policy for a long time, we suggest asking about these fees at least a few days before you go.

Once you confirm those fees before you go, you can plan your trips and reduce your expenses. Otherwise, your flight will cost you more than you deserve.